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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Affordable

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Affordable

Good afternoon ham radio 2.0 episode somewhere in the north end of 125 what have we all been waiting for well a lot of things right mb 9600 version three coming up right now so the version 3 of the md 9600 radio my dogs are outside making noise but I don't think it comes to the camera the the the version 3 the md 9600 radio was is not was but is is t Whitey's latest attempt at a dual band DMR mobile radio and I say attempt it's it's it's it's a good attempt it's a very good attempt so when you get vers they're calling it version 3 it's actually version 2.0 one because when you get it and you read the radio with the CPS it comes up and says hardware version 2.0 one it takes firmware version 5.0 five or later 5.05 is the latest one that's out at the time of this recording so it takes and you can't load firmware 5.05 on version one or two radio so if you've got firmware version 5.0 5 or later you should have a version what they call version 3 they call it version 3 but it's hardware version 2.1 so the main thing TYT told me the main thing between the versions 2 & 3 is that they are not they almost eliminated the speaker pop in version 2 I've actually got a version 2 sitting right over there and they've almost eliminated the speaker pop in version 2 but it's still kind of their version 3 it's completely gone and they say that's the only difference okay the microphone backlight was fixed on both 4 don't have to worry about microphone backlight on either version it was eliminated in version 2 I'm told I haven't tested this because I don't have any DMR I don't have any VHF DMR repeaters in my area but I'm told that the VHF warbling distorted speech has also been fixed in the version 3 so I can we can do some VHF repeaters here in just a second and I recorded last week I recorded the Texas State wide net held on top Talk Group three one four eight and I got after I loaded the entire database of contacts into the radio earlier that day I set the camera and I just hit record not actually went to a club meeting so it recorded the entire state wide net which is about 40 minutes something like that Texas State wide net the original the original Texas State wide net that's been going for just about four and a half years now so you can see what the screen looks like when it comes on you can see that there's no speaker pop at the end of a transmission a received transmission and you can see the layout after I load the entire contacts database into the radio which is possible with with the hundred thousand contacts version of the firmware for 5.05 I had to load that in there it takes a while to write 76 there's about 70s just over 76,000 contacts in the DMR mark database at the time of this recording it takes a while to ride all those into the radio but it works it does it and that is that so let's take a look at the this is just gonna be a real short video about the MD 9600 version 3 make sure that your retailer whoever your retailer is that you're purchasing the radio from has version what they're calling version 3 and ask them when you read the radio what hardware version comes up and if it's 2.01 then that's version 3 TYT is calling it version 3 but in reality it's version 2.1 so let's take a look at the radio and go through a couple of menus in the radio with you guys and then I will show you the statewide net today's episode of ham radio 2.0 is brought to you by Arden the amateur radio emergency data network the amateur radio emergency data network is an open source project that brings emergency communications into the 21st century with easily available commercial equipment you can build a low-cost high speed network visit the Arden website at WWF art and branded equipment labels embroidered patches and apparel are available on the website by clicking on the shop menu button obviously this is the screen of the radio let's get this is VHF on and I'm on an outside antenna here Casey 5hw be test so we're at 37 watts on VHF high power utilities radio settings the power is high low mid low mid and high Casey 5 HD be test seven-and-a-half watts on low about 37 watts on high so let's go to v8 error UHF station there's nobody usually over here that's high power Casey v HW be test so 32 watts on high power on UHF oops Casey 5hw be testing so six watts on low power UHF so here's metro DFW metro I've got on low power because I'm just going into my backyard repeater out here oh I've got to switch bands here Casey 5 HW be test qsy so let's go up here Casey 5 HW be testing DFW Metro see if someone comes back to us here or not zoom in a touch but if you look focus focus there's Roger okay see how the D is outlined right there and it's not and now it goes back to solid you see see that happen so there's some kind of timeout timer that is going on hey Roger testing this new dual-band TYT DMR mobile radio from the Shack out here how does it sound see you you'll see it go back and it's like a D that's outlined d for digital that's outlined and when he on keys it's still there but if I'd but I try to.

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