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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Amended

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Amended

Laughter Music alright guys this to be news first out here at par electric electrical contractor and Music the address here is one five four three North tuft in the city of Orange California in 1867 the phone nine eight five four zero we're gonna get their respect - right - come on you're in public today guys see if they decide to call the orange the orange belief um there's another gate over here I saw more activity when those walking by so we'll check it out at the other gate guys stand by Music okay so we're at the other gate now Music Music like I just Mickey Mouse Music okay so now we got the city of Warren sheriff oh you guys Music I mean what's going on linear business sir you're in my shot can you guys get out of my way what's wrong with you guys now they do the same thing pictures want to see what you're doing that's not your business because you don't have the right to know what I'm doing and so I'm breaking the law then you have the right to know what I'm doing so how am I breaking the law right now sir how am I breaking the law I don't give a shit I couldn't look suspicious all I want that's not small I want sir let's move your business what's your name badge number you can read it there's nothing there your camera start working you're going to be unprofessional like that you want me to go to the police report you want me to make a Republican pictures of your business that you don't know you know what I don't answer questions I'll answer questions without answer questions no sir and you take pictures all I want you can't stop me looking in your badge number you're not going to give me your name and badge number he says a happy if he can if you only give me your name all right well I'll talk to me you're not going to give me an investment so far for me Music for sir I'm not answering any of your questions what's your name and badge number Hebert eight seven four six thank you sir thank you for being professional you I have no respect for alright guys so this is cartoon 897 and this is the life in play one four seven eight eight six six this is the Orange County Sheriff's Department has stopped and and started questioning me on what I'm doing in public here this guy did not want to identify himself so we're gonna make a complaint at the police department we'll find out who he is through the car yep yeah have a good day you're dismissed you can go back to work I'm just yeah you're dismissed okay you exactly yup you're welcome your name or something I'm anonymous sir I'm an investigative journalist getting country for a story and that's all you need no sir yeah I'm just letting you know I'm an investigative journalist gathering country for a story you wait that's all I'm gonna say sir you can figure it out from there when I say investigative journalist you can figure it out from there you're a smart individual you got hired by the Sheriff Department talking yeah that's yeah you don't have to get to know me sir we'll probably never meet again maybe not but we're here now yeah but there's no need to know who I am man they didn't even call the cops and you guys rolled up on me how is that oh we're just driving by and what so you just you just knows you like that wanna see secure but they have walls man they have trespassing signs it's very it's very plain and simple that nobody can enter here down there they just want they think that suspicious have here taken you want to give you your name and badge number sir you're gonna give me yours no because you are a public servant sir you work for me until I break the law so until I cross that line you work for me sir the county no you work for me you work for the people you work for the people you're like your Sheriff is elected by the people he hires deputies like you to cert the people yeah understand that sir all right so give me your name and badge number I don't really all right well I'm gonna make a complaint about you dude you go ahead and me you're not gonna like it you're not gonna like it it's fine and now now you stop me from doing my work and now you have them close the gate right here so now I can't even take my photographer you for the day because anything are you gonna pay my check today are you gonna pay my bills today or you stop me from doing work are you gonna pay my bills today I'm not stopping you just did the moment you came up on me you stopped me from doing what I was doing you kept on filming if you look at your camera you have no you have stopped me from doing what I was doing understanding English sir you're a smart individual aren't you you're a smart individual I'm gonna break this contact you guys have a good understanding right here I ain't going to work Music sir you're dismissed you're just I don't have any here your mumbo jumbo there's trespassing signs up and down the street I don't need you to tell me anything but we'll go back to work go back to work fuck Applause I hope that's not your personal form because I'm a FOIA request those pictures are about to take buddy I'm not talking to you matter how problem with you cameras I can.

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