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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Attended

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Attended

Oh look at this guy how are you still single yeah right look at the hat dude so we got the trucks everybody's been wanting to see your truck they saw a little bit in the video we'll have to do a walk-around we did a full trailer setup video how about that yeah I hope they'll be getting the 250 students will say oh we got a believer going forward yeah I'm gonna switch alright guys there you go I want to there you go you excited about the show yeah let's go first I'm going so let's go check it out man see let's see what's up alright welcome to the 2022 MGI a fact never seen so many lawn care people in your life hey was one part you asked me just now I was like hey do your mirrors full day yes look at all day 60,000 bucks per for any it's packed is a lot of trucks ooh this would be a good turnout there's no snow this time many years in bought in the past there's been two or three inches of snow that's fallen or like you know you gotta go salt or something like that so you already lose half the guys but this would be cool it's sixty degrees it's pouring rain though we're flooding over here in Michigan right now anyway let's go check out the show it's gonna have some fun and we'll take you guys with us yeah this is the line you have to go to if you didn't pre-register another year another MGI a excited to take you guys all with us so what are you guys excited about checking out you guys excited about the lawn mowers you guys excited about the tractors and all the front-end loaders let me know this place is packed out dude all right so we're gonna go take our raffle ticket and throw it in the raffle giveaway so I'm gonna win something today I'm gonna win a drone I'm gonna win it we're both gonna win so what do you think about the dingos the Eagles pretty sweet they're all like pretty great you're gonna get one right no Justin come on throw down this is what you really already yeah Jenna get you to spend money already see this is going to be fun because you're gonna be looking at the show at an entirely different vantage point you don't even see I'm looking at everything long here and kind of landscaping and even snow and ice management now too but my main here is going to be looking at everything for landscaping which is pretty cool yeah so we got to go find the Bobcats at skid steers the dingoes yeah you're gonna be spending money you're good see who things next year that this guy is going to be dropping eighty thousand dollars and going to the next level right let's do it man what are you thinking getting whoppers alright guys this is a lot of fun there's so many people here a lot of people it's actually not it's only like 10 in the morning so we're gonna go check out the shirt rack dealer love talking to those guys obviously just saw Brandon's new video you guys are blowing it up did you like the video by the way I liked it it turned out really nice so we're gonna go check out the shirt rack dealer let's go check them out now these things are sweet now we can dump curbside and we can also put in the wood so alright guys so we just got done talking to everybody at the shirt rack dealer and you know what they're freaking awesome and we got to see Sean who actually works with shirt rack great guy great people there that three different dump trailers there which are awesome hey go ahead throw in for a dump trailer like I said we're not gonna spend any money today but I might be lying so let's go check out the rest of the show if you guys haven't checked out a shirt track man make sure you do they make some of the best trailers out there and I definitely wanna pick up a dump trailer maybe this fall maybe be a mic but that will go half seas what do you think guys I'm hanging out with Gratiot landscaping is my man Wade he lives over in Warren yo my man here so we're just talking about lawnmowers he's gonna be throwing down for maybe a stand on aerators going to the next level so how cool is that baby also alright guys we'll catch up with you alright check these out so which one of you buying here cxa80 see right here the CX 69 over here we have the CX 64 excuse our suite if we need to do a demo this is what we got a demo I prefer cat not cats there you go shots fired so which one are you interested in the t69 yeah this is a big guy this is awesome so you are familiar with these guys because you use these at construction and yeah brick day because every day I think concrete I'll be honest with you guys I don't know anything about the cat equipment or front-end loader skid steers but I don't know I wanted to go to the the gie and drive them but it ended up being like a 20 or 30 minute way and I just didn't have that time so but uh next this fall I'm gonna go and definitely hit those first that way I can test drive these so if you're there stay back stay back yeah do it for real that's why they put you in like two acres of like of space so you can't get into trouble so how cool is.

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