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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Attended

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Attended

Oh look at this guy, how are you still single? Yeah, right. Look at the hat, dude. So, we got the trucks everybody's been wanting to see. Your truck, they saw a little bit in the video. We'll have to do a walk-around. We did a full trailer setup video. How about that? Yeah, I hope they'll be getting the 250 students will say. Oh, we got a believer going forward. Yeah, I'm gonna switch. Alright guys, there you go. I want to. There you go. You excited about the show? Yeah, let's go first. I'm going so let's go check it out, man. See let's see what's up. Alright, welcome to the 2018 MGI a fact. Never seen so many lawn care people in your life. Hey, was one part you asked me just now? I was like, hey, do your mirrors full day. Yes, look at all day. 60,000 bucks per for any. It's packed. That's a lot of trucks. Ooh, this would be a good turnout. There's no snow this time. Many years in bought in the past, there's been two or three inches of snow that's fallen or like you know you gotta go salt or something like that. So you already lose half the guys. But this would be cool. It's sixty degrees, it's pouring rain though. We're flooding over here in Michigan right now. Anyway, let's go check out the show. It's gonna have some fun and we'll take you guys with us. Yeah, this is the line you have to go to if you didn't pre-register. Another year, another MGI a. Excited to take you guys all with us. So what are you guys excited about checking out? You guys excited about the lawn mowers? You guys excited about the tractors and all...