How Form 8815 Cashing
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How Form 8815 Cashing

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Hi my name is Byron Adele I'm the founder and CEO of a Q quote calm the question today is how to cash in my Prudential Life Insurance simple answer you contact the company and let them know you want to surrender the policy if the policy was the kind that actually has a cash value you'll be given a form it can probably be faxed or emailed to you you fill out a simple form and if you are the owner of the policy which is the only person that has the right to do anything with the policy while you're still here all you need to do is fill out that form send it to them it's called a surrender form they will send you what if any cash value was in the policy typically turn policies have no cash value whole life and universal life policies often do have cash value and that's how you would cash them in if the question was more toward how to make a claim a death claim or sort of cash in a life insurance policy after the death of the insured that's the new ordinary claims process and it is the culmination of what life insurance is all about you would just submit a death claim form and to do that you would need a death certificate and some sort of proof that you're the Bennett you know that you are the person that's listed they'll know who the beneficiary of record is you just need to prove that you are that person typically either way the process is very very quick it only takes a few days if a death claim comes in it may take a week or two unless the policy's fresh and and if the policy is again if the policies new the policy may take a little bit longer to pay just so the carrier has time to investigate whether or not there was any kind of fraud in the inducement or fraud in the in the acquiring of the policy but cashing in an existing policy if you're a live very simple process just contact the carrier and they'll tell you what the cash surrender value is send you a simple form you fill it out you get your check your policy's gone you've got your money and you're done hope this was helpful again my name is byron u del i am the founder and CEO of a q quote calm.

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