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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Completion

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Completion

Music. Hi everyone, my name is Phil. Today, I'll be teaching you how to solve the 3x3 Rubik's cube using an easy method. This method is easy because it is broken down into small steps, each with an obvious and well-defined goal. The method is designed to minimize intense thinking and memorization. In fact, the only thing you really have to memorize is one form of sequence and several applications of it. After watching this video, you will be able to solve the cube and also be able to teach others as well. Before we go into the method of solving the cube, let's explore some basics and background information. This is a 3x3 cube. For the purpose of our tutorial, there are two ways to visualize this puzzle. First is side by side. This cube has six sides, each with a different color. The Centers of these sides act as swivels and they stay put relative to each other. For example, no matter how much I mix up the cube, the yellow side will always be opposite of the white side. Secondly, you can think of the Cubist layers. You can think of layers like stories in a building, each layer sits on top of one another, except for of course the bottom layer. Here, the terms we will use to describe the layers goes as follows: the first layer is on the bottom and the last layer is on the top, the middle one is what we call the second layer. The basis for our solving method is to visualize the cube as a puzzlement with three layers. Now, let's take the cube apart and check out the components of the puzzle. You'll notice that there are three different types of pieces on the cube. The first type of piece...