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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Enrolled

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Enrolled

Hello and welcome to Pecos in this demonstration we're going to show you how to log into Pecos and revalidate one of your Medicare enrollments in this example will be performing the revalidation on an application where you represent an organization but the screens and steps are very much the same even if you're performing a revalidation as an individual practitioner so to start we're going to have to log in so you can go ahead and pull up the login credentials you use when you first submitted your application if you have any questions about your login credentials or need further support go ahead and click on the forgot password link or the manage slash update user profile links shown on the screen here note that if you do not have Pecos login credentials please visit the Pecos homepage for more information on how to obtain what you need in order to log in entering user ID and password selected login button you'll then need to click on the my enrollments button shown on the screen here and you'll then be brought to this page where you will see your existing organizations which you can revalidate and the new application button here because we're revalidating an existing enrollment in Medicare I'll select this view enrollments button for whichever organization I'm trying to revalidate in this example its primary health clinic you'll then be navigated to this screen where you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see any existing enrollments here and any new enrollments down underneath that because in this example I am revalidating an existing enrollment application for primary health clinic you'll see it here you'll also see information on the revalidation notice sent indicator shown here as 10:15 2022 note though that if you log in to Pecos yourself and you don't see your current Medicare enrollments listed here you'll still need to revalidate if you received a notice to do so so to do this you'll need to submit initial enrollment by on the new application button on the previous screen and this submission will still count towards the revalidation so again in this example you'll see the revalidation notice was sent on 10:15 2022 and i can go ahead and begin this revalidation by selecting the revalidate button shown here you'll then be brought to the confirm reason for application screen will you need to confirm the reason that you're submitting an update or performing the revalidation in this case it is a revalidation and it says so here at the top of the screen and because this is accurate I'll scroll down to the bottom and select this start application button at this point in time you'll be pulled into your enrollment application and you can navigate within this enrollment easily using the three tab shown here at the top of the screen I'm going to start by selecting this topic View tab here when you scroll down you'll see all of the information that you've previously entered in for your Medicare enrollment shown here any updates that you need to make you can do so at this time as well so you do not need to submit separate updates for a revalidation and just a change of information so for this example I'm going to go ahead and make an update to the contact person telephone number on record so I'll do that by selecting this contact person hyperlink and then I'll use this edit button here to make my update note you can also make updates by selecting the delete button or the add information button at the top of the section if more contact people need to be added to this enrollment so I'll select be at the edit button now and then I'll select the next page button and then on this screen here I'll update the telephone number to be the new accurate number I'll then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the Save button at this point in time I'm done making the update I needed to make to this enrollment application and as you can see this is the review complete button that so I'll select that now and doing this indicates that you've reviewed all of this contact person information and that it's accurate and because it is indeed accurate and I've updated the telephone number if we navigate back to the go to error check tab and as you can see on the Aris Ashwani check tab there are no errors or warnings left for this enrollment application so if I go to the top of the screen here and select this topic View button I should now be able to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and actually begin this revalidation submission again any updates that you need to make to your enrollment application can be done at this time and you do not need to submit a revalidation or a change of information as separate submissions so for example if you need to make updates to your required and/or supporting documents you can do so at this time let's say you need to update or add new required documents and you want to electronically attach them to your enrollment you could do so here using this required and/or supporting documentation section because I don't need to make any updates to my electronically attached documents I'm just going to select the begin submission button at the bottom of the screen at this point in time you'll be brought to the electronic signatures page well you will be prompted to indicate whether or not you would like to electronically sign any of the documents shown so in this case it's the certification statement and I'm going to opt that yes I want to electronically sign doing this means that I won't have to print out a copy of my certification.

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