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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Grants

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Grants

For me the best part of my real vision journey has been a chance to refine my own investment framework through a series of conversations with brilliant investors in every corner of the globe in this series I want to try and continue my education by digging deeper into the lives and careers of my guests to try and learn how they think I want to understand the experiences that have shaped them to fail as they've bounced back from and the lesson is that those failures have taught them and I want to break down their success to find out what sets them apart I'm not looking for trade ideas or guesses about an unknowable future but rather knowledge accumulated over the course of careers to try and make me a better investor and I want to share those conversations with you Music several years ago I was introduced to my guests today by mutual friends who'd entrusted a significant portion of their savings to him this man they told me invests in a way which is not only unlike the methods employed by 99% of money managers today but also with an integrity and a methodology which is a throwback to a time which is sadly almost vanished in the intervening period as I've gotten to know my guest better I spent a considerable amount of time trying to persuade him to sit down with me and share both his experience and his investment philosophy with the real vision audience sadly each of my invitations has been met with a very polite but very firm no thank you this was no surprise to me my guest has never before been interviewed either in writing or on camera and for good reason he's a private man who prefers to spend his time reading and thinking who invests far from the spotlight and with no care for either mainstream opinion or consensus strategies a year ago I finally got to meet my guest and I spent an evening I will never forget listening to him talk about how he sees the world and how he thinks about the discipline of investing that meeting made me more determined than ever to try and persuade him to break his silence and give others the chance to learn from him as I'd done now three years after I first approached him he's very graciously agreed to talk to me in front of the real vision cameras and so I'm excited to be traveling to the Swiss Alps to discover how his framework has evolved over the years and see how he looks at the process of investing that which he considers permanent irreplaceable captain so please join me for a conversation with Tony Dean there are gonna be people that watch this who know you and they're probably sitting there thinking why the hell is time you'd even doing it and then they're going to people that don't know you who after this conversation are gonna go why the hell do I not know Tony Deaton so I know this is the first time you've done one of these and I really appreciate the fact that you you've agreed to do it because there's so many things I want to talk to you about and as I love to do particularly given that the lack of visibility you have is is to give people a sense of your background because it's an interesting one it's a varied one and it's taken you all over the world so perhaps we could start just by talking a little bit about you and your life and your background how much time to us we have all the time of the world she left Greece earlier eleven I was a young boy and I lived in America for nearly thirty years first in California and then for many years in Houston and I think I became as American as one could possibly ever become even though for all these years I never really felt quite at home there not that I feel at home anywhere else but then I was married there I had a family and I had a wonderful time in the United States I've met some of the greatest people I've ever known in America and I learned a great deal and many years ago I moved back here to Europe and I live in Switzerland now for many years so I have traveled a lot mostly to learn and to observe but I have not traveled as busy you have for exact what I wouldn't wish that on you anyone I think you've got the balance of that right there's nothing extraordinary about my background I I found myself in this work quite by accident back in 1985 when I was asked to help a family with their investment affairs the passing of the husband or other situations in one family became two and then three and cetera so I found myself being in has been counselor without having the preparation or the background or I've never worked for a financial institution at Bank I had to learn a great deal by by the sheer desire to do the right thing so my background is not as extraordinary as you make it sound I think you perhaps flattered me a bit with your introduction but when you are an investment counselor to a family and in essence you are asked to provide guidance for the entire wherewithal this family has you come to the inevitable of iteration start with that this is all their wealth is family possessors and no one is ever going to give them any more yeah and there's a sense of irreplaceable 'ti to this capital so you have to start respecting it respect the fact that it is really replaceable it represents a lifetime's worth of savings or that is that you must avoid the kind of.

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