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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Limitations

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Limitations

One of the biggest limitations of air table is that data in separate bases cannot be linked now air table is an amazing solution as a relational database meaning that the information in one database can talk to itself across various tables however this limitation that separate bases can't actually talk to each other provides a lot of struggles and problems for many small business owners so in this video we're gonna be going into detail about the two different ways that you can solve this problem and build a workaround so that you can have access to all of the data you need in your business hi my name is Gareth Pronovost I am the owner of gap consulting where we help our clients to get organized and automated by building them solutions in air table and zapier in this video as I mentioned we're going to be looking at probably the biggest limitation of the air table software and that is that data cannot be linked between bases so really quick rewind here we're just gonna do a real high level of definition so that we can all be on the same page going forward so a base in air table is short for a database so when you first log in to air table let's go ahead and jump on into my screen here when you first log in to air table you will see that you've got the ability to make different bases and this is from the dashboard and the data inside these bases is essentially isolated to that base in particular so if I were to click on this base for example I could link the data between these tables so that it's interacting and this is really where air table becomes so powerful because it is a relational database solution so this is great however I have I don't have the ability to link this data between bases so going back to the dashboard I cannot get the data in this base to talk to the data in this base not directly not through a linked connection and the reason that this is a huge problem is many times business owners will want to offer the solution to you know like they want to put everything in one database which generally speaking I highly recommend the more data that you can put in one space in one base the better because that's how you're gonna be able to draw insights and you know you can set up those linked relationships and you can draw analysis summaries from the blocks and so all these things that we want as business owners are available when we put all the data in one space one base however the part where many business owners say hold on I don't want that is when we talk about the limitation of the visibility so let's jump into that base and I'll show you what I mean so when we go to share a base with people we have a couple of different options so you have the share access up here in the upper right corner when you click this you'll see that in this case I've shared this base with one person already and here is where we can determine the privileges of the people inside the base so there's always one owner and that's the person who has control of the workspace and then everybody else essentially gets added to that base and you can add more people either by an email or by giving them a direct link to the base and when you do this you can you can choose their privileges or you know the permissions that they have inside so read-only is very limited commenter means that they can comment on the records but nothing else editor allows them to change the records so they can you know actually work on the the different things inside your database and then lastly creator is full privileges like admin privilege where they can delete things and you know you know completely wreck the base so generally speaking I recommend bringing people in at the editor level so that they have the ability to work on the base but of course this really largely depends on your use case however the problem is when you give someone any of these privileges to the base they have that level of privilege for the entire base meaning that they don't have it just for one particular view so if you have financial data in the same base that you have operational data those people even though they might not work on the finances will be able to view the finances and that's that's the biggest concern for most business owners that I've worked with on on these projects is that they want all that information in one place however they don't want everyone to be able to see how much money the business is bringing in where that money is going because that's kind of a high level you know upper management type of conversation so the way to get around this is affect is effectively twofold you have well you have two options one is to not share the full visibility of the base with your employees and instead to just create specific views for them to see now there's a pro and con here the pro is very easy so they'll have access to that data and and and they can do their parts of the process with the limited access that you've given them and so in this way they're not actually air table users instead they're really just going to a website and looking at data and performing a function on it now the limitation here the con for this this option is that if you do this they don't actually have the ability to edit the data so going back to that.

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