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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Navigation

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Navigation

Hi everybody my name is Rick and I'm representing Group G what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna go ahead and create a navigation form for a navigation of our database so let's take a quick peek at our net at our database over here what this is this is a representation of nursing units a database represent representation of a nursing units scheduling system so we have our employees we have the shifts and the shift scheduled requests for time off we already have our scheduled request form and a few reports that we're going to use so the first step in creating this thing is to go up here to create then go over here to navigation and then I like to use horizontal tabs so we'll go ahead and use that so these are gonna be our tabs are going to go right here this is a header for the form and then this is the actual name of the form so the first step is we're gonna go ahead and grab our schedule request form and drag it and put it right here and what this is is this is what employees are going to use to skit to request time off the schedule there's there's day what shift number it is and their user ID and the really the user IDs used to identify the the employee the request region holidays whatever so the next thing we're gonna put on there is we're gonna put on this Sarah Thompson request approval report now what this is is Sarah Thompson is an assistant nurse manager and one of her things that she does is she's usually the one that approves various requests for time off so we have the shift day the shift ID in the employees name so if let's say you're trying to get the fourth of July off it looks like you already have two people that have it approved that could be a problem what see who's on the schedule so over here at July 2022 this is the July 2022 schedule a quick glance across here I don't see anybody working on the fourth of July so it might be me so I'm plugging I have to go ahead and make a phone call or two and see if I can get some me to switch with me so over here we have a list of all of the employees who work on the unit we haven't by name and we also have the different skills that they have how many years have been working and most importantly the telephone number so I can give them a call so once we have this done now let's see if we can go ahead and customize it a little bit let's say we want to change some of these buttons we can go ahead and go up to where it says form layout tools go to format and if we go to quick styles this is the quickest and easiest way to make changes if let's say orange is your favorite color you can go ahead and click orange and it'll change buttons from different colors if you want to change it back just at the back arrow and let's say you want to change some of the shapes and let's say ovals are your thing you can go ahead and change the button shapes to oval and we can use the back arrow to get out of it we can go ahead and change some of the colors that are being used sometimes they have outlines and then the shape effects you can have different sizes different kind of glows and things like that various different things that you can do to change the buttons around and again when we set this up we could have the buttons going in different directions but this is what most people are familiar with so let's go ahead and change this this is gonna be the title and we're gonna change this to we're gonna change this to request home and what that means is this is just a homepage to where we handle all of the employee requests and so let's go ahead and change this these way to do that it's go ahead and hit save and we're gonna do is save it as a form so let's call this schedule request form we hit okay and here it is over here now one of the nice things about this is this is very nice if in case you are dealing with people who aren't really familiar with access and this is all they're gonna see and be able to put things in and look stuff up and not really mess with anything else so that's how we get rid of that add new button is we put it in this view so if you want to have a navigation form come up as the default whenever it gets turned on you go to file options and then you see where it says here display form if we change this to schedule request home form every time they open up the program or every time they open up this file this database it'll go ahead and default to this form navigation form there's kind of nice and a lot of institutions are going to a SharePoint system all right some other kind of web-based system and if you have it on a web just web the display form that will come up you could change that to match have a separate one it's kind of interesting so that's how you go ahead and put in a navigation form thank you very much and I hope you guys have the wonderful rest.

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