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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Nonresident

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Nonresident

All right how do you fill out your application for a concealed carry permit a non-resident application for Florida you're going to get a packet like this it's going to have several things in it the first thing in your packet is the instructions for the application where they explain question by question what to do and all of the statutes about concealed carry in Florida so you'll know if you're carrying in Florida what is legal and what is not legal so this is a the first thing that you're going to get and it's obviously kind of important because if you are carrying in Florida you don't want to break the law second thing that you're going to get is the application now the application actually is perforated and it's going to come apart where the actual application is this here on two pages and it's pretty standard are you a fugitive from justice are you a drug addict etc etc etc nothing really difficult there but if you have any questions about the questions or what to fill in this big manual here takes it step-by-step and explains everything little tedious but it's pretty clear you are going to tear this part off though and this is important because this cover sheet has a tracking number now that's why you cannot Xerox this if you if your buddy wants to to apply and have him use the same one because this tracking number is specific to your application so if you want to call and ask about hey where is my my permit what's going on or what is the status you're going to need that tracking number so you don't ever want to Xerox this now if you screw this up and you need a new copy you can go to the Florida website and the website is in here and you can download another application and it'll have a specific tracking number that is specific to that application now the other thing that you're going to find is an FBI fingerprint card there's a couple things to notice about this first of all this is not a Florida fingerprint card this is an FBI fingerprint card they use it all over the country so you can't just pick one up anywhere you've got to use this card and when you go in to get fingerprinted by your local law enforcement they might do it free they might charge you dollarz there's two things to remember number one the person who is fingerprinting you has got to sign it and I've had this happen several times I've been fingerprinted quite a few times not for crimes but for adoptions and CCW permits and they'll fingerprint you they say here you go goodbye have a nice day and if you don't check you walk away and go home and you find out that they didn't sign their name so make sure that the officer who fingerprints you signs his name now there's another thing on here that you need to know since this is a this is not a Florida form it's an FBI form Florida has a little special instruction right in here and it says they want to have the name and address of the law enforcement outfit that fingerprinted you and since there's no place for this because Florida didn't design it what they say is just go on the back and put it in the upper right hand corner so it's just kind of somewhere up here where it's blank when you go to the police station they usually have the stamp or they can just stamp you know Melrose Park police station with the address and phone number and all that so remember those two things when you get fingerprinted to get this done and make sure that the officer signs it so you'll take that and you'll take your application completed it tells you the fees you have to send in a check for the fee of passport photo and you're a copy of your certificate from your NRA basic pistol class that proves that you've had the training and they include a self-addressed envelope in here so you've got to put your stamp on it you pop it in the mail and you're good to go all right if you have any questions you can always email me info at Illinois gun pros comm take care.

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