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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Redeem

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Redeem

Hey guys thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten weapons I'm Ian column and today we are shooting a nine-millimeter type CS ls2 this is China's nine-millimeter submachine gun version of basically their type 97 bullpup assault rifle these are available up here in Canada I'm shooting this one courtesy of movie armaments group it has a iron site that is screwed on to the Picatinny rail here and keeps coming loose on us we have a suppressor on this guy this is a bullpup submachine gun nine by nine millimetre parabellum so I can only shoot it right hand it just like the type 97 it has a 30 round proprietary magazine has a very light bolt so it has a very high rate of fire has a very awkward grip has the same atrociously horrible sights that the type 97 does just handling this thing I don't think it has really any redeeming qualities except for maybe the fact that it's lightweight so we're gonna go ahead and put a few rounds through it here and see if it's well it's bad to shoot as it seems like it ought to be alright so in nine millimetre parabellum a gun can only be so bad that didn't really come loose however this thing like I said has a pretty darn light bolt it fires very quickly and it actually has a substantial amount of recoil impulse coming back it's not that the recoil is very harsh it's that the bolt is stopping when it physically slams into the back of the receiver and it's transferring a lot of energy back into the shooters shoulder which causes the gun to vibrate around a lot makes it difficult to shoot accurately and effectively and these truly atrocious sights really don't help I honestly have no idea how they managed to not change those sights if you had one of these things the absolute first thing you would want to do is take off this iron sight rail throw it away and replace it with some sort of an optic or old optic or any optic at all in fact just aiming down the Picatinny rail would probably be more effective than than using these iron sights all right it is open bolt firing of course has a reciprocating bolt handle so no way to like I said no way to shoot this left-handed so right only does have a semi-auto function let's try a couple rounds like that it's fine it's all well and good but the whole purpose of an open bolt submachine gun is full auto you could compare this to an mp5 but the mp5 is pretty much better in every measurable way I wasn't exactly thrilled about the type 97 rifle and I can't say this is me all that much different well I do appreciate movie armaments group giving me the opportunity to try it out in fact to be completely honest I hadn't realized that this was actually a thing until I came up here to Toronto and found it in their armory so we thought it'd be cool to bring it out and do some shooting hopefully you guys enjoy the video thanks for watching Applause you.

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