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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 8815 Referred

Instructions and Help about How Form 8815 Referred

Okay this video is related to a shortcut problem in Windows let's go to the Start menu and here's the shortcut that is not working Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 if I click on it I receive this error message the item Adobe Premiere Pro eggsy that the shortcut refers to has been changed or moved this shortcut will no longer work properly we want to delete the shortcut yes or no we want to delete the shortcut so we can fix it I moved that program on to another location that's why it's not starting so let's go back here onto the I can right-click on that icon which is not working and open file location' now the program opened the folder where Windows stores the shortcuts and this is the shortcut itself it's automatically selected and this one behaves in the same manner because the same icon so let's right click on that icon Premiere Pro and go to properties and here on the shortcut tab and target if we click inside here and go to the left with the left arrow you can see that the program should be on the C Drive in the Program Files folder Adobe folder and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022 folder and it should start this exit file so I'm going to copy the file name and dot exe copy so without the quotation mark and without the backslash okay let's close this one this window should remain open here somewhere now let's open another X lower window file explorer and let's go to a seat rife and up here in a search box let's type in that finding that we just copied click paste and now windows is searching on the c drive for this executable file name but it's not there because i moved it so let's wait until this finishes searching okay now it's a no items match your search so it's not on the C Drive let's click on the D Drive and up here in the search box select the same exit file and this time you can see that it's here okay so let's move this one here and let's drag it to the right click of the mouse with a right click another left click on to the desktop and click create shortcuts here ok that created a shortcut we can close this window and now let's move that shortcut into the Start menus folder move it you need to pradministrator permission okay continue I didn't moved it from the first folder right here because that gener that would generate another error message that I don't have permission so first I moved to the desktop ok and now let's delete this one Adobe Premiere Pro which does not have an icon this has an icon delete that one the old one which did not start it go to the Start menu and now the icon is here and the program should start if the icon is not there then simply type in the name of the program right click on the file and pin to taskbar and that should add it here okay that's it the program should start and it should work okay the program started and here in the Start menu the shortcut has me fixed that's it thanks for watching and bye bye.

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