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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Amended

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Amended

All right guys we're out here at the Wyoming Department of Transportation headquarters let's see about what they think about us filming little audit out here real quick y'all dominated on my videos being shaky so I'm gonna do my best and try and get stabilizer I got a new phone and it's equipped with the stabilizer app for the camera for recording so we'll see if it's any better I've been used to get check it out Music Music Music Applause hello I'm good they help you something no I'm good what's your business what are you doing who's look like I'm doing looks like you're taking they're gonna get to the bottom of it apparently how you doing so now the janitors my body my he's watching me he's gonna protect the building Music Music you work with it would who do you work for do you work for I don't tell you my name because you're the one following me publicly-accessible I don't have to tell you I didn't know what your name group of guys called they must be calling this they're gonna endanger my life I'm fine think of our work I'm working you're working so your job is to follow somebody oh they come gonna shoot me does I have a camera I don't want to talk okay can I get your name and badge number that's right here who are you your badge number yeah number Karl Germain that's number seven how are you all have a good day okay don't touch me okay stop touching me you can't go you can't touch me I said where's the saying I can't go there I'm trying to get a picture of this sign please but you just can't go painting I'm not going we're going in we're just dis obser soul to me yes what's going Fletcher me well stop touching me you're still touching me what's your name I'm gonna get my name thanks a reason why not cuz I don't need to okay come on stop touching me he's still touching me still touch me still touching me stop touching me stop touching me am i doing anything wrong am i doing anything wrong how am i doing anything wrong because I gave you an order to ask for your name you said no what do I have to get my name for okay so what's your mission here today you came to me right you're in a state building okay which is open to the public okay so there are certain areas that you can be in and there's certain areas and our day mark usually marked okay and then another ones I have all on camera none of the ones I wear I went this is marked where I can't be so soft for UW to come out here and push me out of the building as I'm off you do us all to me what do you meet this officer solid so what you're doing all you're doing I'm not all I'm doing is trying to mind my own business and you yeah can I finish my story Applause are you doing a story and are s in y1 8 9 do you gonna let him are you his boss no you're not can I get you supervisor I'm asking to talk to your supervisor I'm asking to talk to your supervisor I'm sorry can you get your hands on your pocket to please provide safety I don't know what you have in your pockets you've already assaulted me multiple times can I get your supervisor so brother can you call them again tomorrow you know I have a radio you call your supervisor is there any way you can go call you I'll stay right here can you call your supervisor I'm asking to talk to your supervisors so you're refusing correct okay I can give you a phone but there's a new Delos policy to call your zebras Irwin public a sport you're with the Highway Patrol okay I go finish my story so you're not allowing me to enter the building for a reason that's not public access I went to I was in public access to prove you've actually reported her so where did it say unauthorized areas they're from sappers automatically means it's restricted area you're the one causing it you're the one doing everything yourself I'm not did I tell you to do anything did I tell you to stop me I did it do you have anything productive to do today I'm doing something very productive all you're looking for is lawsuits looking for losses I didn't even want to talk to you I didn't want to talk to him but y'all over here the one that came to me he's the one that came to me how is that me what in a lawsuit do you know that nobody comes into these offices do you know do you know normal cops that obey the law Doris all people yeah but you did that crap yeah but she was on to me I think you should look up I think you should because if I have to touch you what are you gonna do if I was to touch you right now what would you do what happens just like you touched me try to push you out the building what would you do you've got it all no I'm asking you what would you have done if I was to put try to push you out the bill max they don't know then you can walk away you're dismissed but you're just not coming back and you're doing what you're doing why because you're an authorizer is that is unauthorized areas the lobby is I'm not there is you're just plausible fraud I thought you were done talking to me you're still talking to me you're still talking you're still.

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