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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Applies

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Applies

Tips are an easier way to shape and sculpt a nail I had a lot of tips on how to apply tips let's get started Music this particular set of tips comes in a box a lot of them I find do and they are in little compartments just as this and they usually number them and I don't know why tips do this it's always confused me actually that it starts with number one being the big size and then as the number increases to ten they get smaller I don't know if I was doing it I would be one is a smaller one I'd work up to ten so I always have to work backwards I think I'm a little dyslexic so I get confused sometimes so one is the big one and thank goodness they give you this chart to remind you one is bigger and it goes down to ten which is smaller so the idea is to find the tip that fits each and every finger that's the difference between forms and tips with forms you have to put it on and you gotta know make sure it fits each and every finger but tips the shape is already there but you still have to make sure it's fitted properly and if it's not fitted properly it can be just nasty okay so the one is the big one that's in this little compartment here look how big these are so it's clear may be harder to see but because it is clear but you see that these are quite clear that's one of the reasons when I'm working with this particular company because I've noticed they're quite clear and another thing I like about it I don't know if you can see because again it's clear it's extremely arched it's got a really nice arch on it that's already in there you don't often come across tips with the real strong art although industry is changing fast they're probably gonna come up with them more but this company has a really nice arch on them okay so that is too big I'm gonna go I think I sort of pre-measured it just to get an idea before I got started this I think I'm more of a 5 and then a 6 I think 5 on the thumb well any peak law says I have two sets of glasses now one is more seeing at a distance but when I get really close I learned the hard way I need to see even closer so this is really much better for me okay off the tips I'll put my hand in front of it my my my nail can you see that see little upside down five there again by now they have the numbers on the end so if you drop this box which once in your lifetime every nail technician drops a box of tips or a bag or a little bucket of glitter that is an initiation it just has to happen it's all part of it so we understand what we're saying when you drop this you'll actually have a little number on there so when you pick them all up you'll know which category to put it back into okay so I believe let me just take a quick look at this I might be now tips you want them to fit a little bit on the bigger side than smaller you don't want it to be too big I'm not suggesting that you want it to be a tad little bigger than too small the reason being is put a shrinks a little and if it's too small it'll shrink too small and you'll be shy on the side or both sides and we don't want that so if you just notice the edge of the tip which is this this little part in here see that right in there yeah are you learning to everybody pay attention no that little part there is what's going to sit on the end of the finger right and around there and the reason why that's important if you go too far back if you go sideways you'll see that it's not really fitting properly we want a nice slight arch okay so to get that slight arch it has to be more on the tip side of things which just gives it a nice curve the five looks like it's gonna fit my thumb pretty good so I'm gonna put that there and then I'm gonna go up in number which goes down in size see why that's confusing I just don't okay so this is a six and I think that might fit more my index it's a little bit big actually let's try for my next finger because it's a bit big so what I tend to do is size them all up first and you can do it as you go but doesn't really matter which way you're more comfortable okay what did I say this was this was a six and I think the six it's kind of big cuz once you press it down because you don't want it to be a gap in here once you press it down fitting on to the natural nail it's really down the sides two choices I can file the side a little bit to fit when I press it down or try the smaller size so that's a six let's try 7 because that goes up in number but down in size okay so this is the seven and actually I think the seven is gonna fit me much better okay and I think I'm gonna do is that's way too big I think it's gonna be maybe seven for these three fingers in particular with a little bit of filing adjustment yeah I'm just laying them on my towel so I know which order.

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