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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Cardholder

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Cardholder

Now I've got something today could seriously solve some problems it's this promise of one single physical digital card to replace all your cards I might have in front of me the actual solution to the problem all right take a look in your pocket right now how many cards are you carrying around and I'm not just talking about credit cards debit cards I'm also talking about membership cards this box in front of me houses the future beep a brilliant card look at that it's even cool-looking the fused card look at how slender that thing is it is it's the thickness of a regular card first thing you noticed was this screen on here I mean your card with the screen how cool is that kaboom all my cards are going to be in there and I can cycle through them this is exciting a traditional magstripe so if you're not using the chip and pin scenario you're just swiping all right who wants to carry all these around we asked Tom earlier I like Tom what do you got you got some gift cards it's a George Costanza situating this will plug into the headphone jack and allow you to take card like this or credit card otherwise and slide it through there and kaboom wirelessly transfer the information of your current card to the fused card this is the charger microUSB on this end will slide in like that and it'll charge up rapidly and give you 30 days the idea of having 30 days and it all happening rapidly with this little slender thing not such a big deal to me currently that said I probably would still bring one backup card I don't know in the event of some sort of malfunction okay so the app you want is up here it's called the e card manager Ryan Ryan texting me unbelievable unprofessional as you would hope there's a verification process here press power and multi button at the same time kaboom register card okay they got the pairing request for the Bluetooth it'll generate a pin code there's a request to pair here's where I'll put the code in we recommend to set up a tap code for e card security create a series of six tap codes by pressing on three buttons randomly if you're worried about somebody getting their hands on your card this tap code pretty much alleviates that so now this is the main interface and you can see here I can set up a payment card or a membership card so it can take a barcode a magnetic swipe or a direct input this will actually work through the iPhones adapter okay so they want the fat side down the thin side of the reader at the top part where the screen is okay I think I got that I don't think this is a payment card I think this is a membership card I'm gonna call this card popcorn popcorns in there and let's see it has the number there which matches what if I go to barcode this it brings up let's see if it grabs it oh it does right away so then I can just call this movies and now we have movies and popcorn in there let's try and do the direct input for that one so the card number is here I assume that's the card number let's try this Starbucks boom the Starbucks card is represented by the barcode this is like when you use the app at Starbucks the loyalty app now they could just do that with the card now this process will be identical for credit cards tap the payment card option here plus and it's the exact same process here this bar on the front here when you're scanning a card it's kind of like when you're programming a fingerprint into a fingerprint sensor it's like tap it a few times this bar kind of goes across so I was wondering why I was having to swipe it I guess it's so that it gets an exact reading of the mag strip on your card as you can see here I can toggle through the membership section between movies Starbucks popcorn and so on and then if I hit the multi button it'll switch over to my payment cards I have a single one Amex right now so level one security is to just use it as you would a normal card level two security is that it has to be connected to the phone and then level three security is a lost card detection and alert if the Bluetooth identifies that the card is not in the range of the phone you're going to get an identification you can't lose your wallet like that alright so there you have it possibly the future of payments one card to replace all of your cards it's pretty amazing this little scanner to insert cards into the fuse card this tiny little charger which you will likely only use once per month I know a lot of you out there you're going to be like hey man but what if there's a malfunction or I'm traveling or something like this or just dies completely well what I would do what I will do is carry one payment card alongside that one which will replace the other five let's say or six the membership card thing is very cool as well on its own because all those programs you sign up for them it all sounds so great but you never carry all those cards with you unless you got this giant cinder block in your pocket and no one wants to do that so maybe all of a sudden now you're earning points on everything you're scanning here the gas station a drugstore you got them all firing on Full Tilt because of the fuse card that's.

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