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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Checklist

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Checklist

Hi in the session I'm going to cover how to create a checklist so let's say for example you had a to-do list or checklist and you won just whenever it's done you can have the checkmark there and I'll show you three examples of how we can create it now the first example here is well we have just a status here which when you change it if we just turn this to no it will change it into a circle and if you had yes let's say he had no down here you type in why or not just yes but why press Delete press Enter it would give us our check mark now that's all fine and dandy if you are expecting just to type in either Y or yes or a no but let's say that you typed in some other random word ago something like that it would still create that circle so if you're certain that you're using the type of y yes or Y or no then that works but if you're not maybe you want to go to this particular example where we pretty much make it you can either select yes or no and that's done via data validation so if I select no it's going to give us our circle if I select yes it will give us and if I try to go into cell and type in something else press Enter we'll get an error window telling us that we can't do that so that's kind of giving only those two parameters and it makes it a little bit something where if you send us out and send us off to someone else to fill in the checks or select yes or no you're certain that the only select those two options the third option is like if you don't want to have the separate column to change the value here you can just do it within the checkbox column so it's either going to be a one or zero one meeting true zero meaning false so if I select the cell and press the number one press ENTER I'll get my checkmark fine I'm in this cell and press the zero I will get my circle so I'll go over I'll cover how to create these three different examples so let's go through the first one now let's type in some values me about that yes here why here delete and then no here now this one it I have to create a formula it's going to be two different functions an if function and an or function so the if function is going to be if it's this true if it's true then you give this value if it's false to give this value the or is just basically saying if it is either yes ye-es or if it's a yes just the letter Y so let's go ahead and create the form ax equals if and I'm going to I'm going to the parenthesis here and I want to see c9 equal to either the yes close quotes openko squillacote or c9 oops c9 equals just the letter Y and then close parenthesis now I'm back into my if statement now oops forgot to put the or so let me do or because I either want either one or the other alright now I'm back into the if statement is little screentip here so if this is true if it's going to be either yes or why the number one if it's the false number zero and then close parentheses control enter the stay in there and I'm going to go ahead and click this fill handle to copy the formula down double click it and we see we have our y equals one so if I type in no it will be a right so I'm going to go ahead also Center this they Center this now is the next step is where we want to create the conditional formatting so I'll go into conditional formatting go to a new rule and I want to have the icon sets under the format style and one of its green I want to and if it's greater than or equal to one I want to have that turn into a check mark if it is if it is less than 1 or greater than or equal to I'm going to have that go into a white circle now if it's less than zero I'm just going to have it no step no cell icon and the type I'm just going to make this numbers oops it change that so I'm going to type in 1 and then and click OK and now you can see that it's done that oh but it left the numbers in so what we want to do is we want to have those numbers disappear so let me bring back the conditional rules manager window alt OD and I'm go ahead and edit that rule and yet I need to check off this box because I just want to show the icon only I don't want to show the numbers click OK click OK and now I have it there so if I type in Y delete it will turn into check mark and no and of course knowing and you know the silly characters will still give me the white circle so that's that well let's say that I want to create this example when I want to have just a yes or no so what I want to do is I want to select this and bring up the data validation window so I like keyboard shortcuts it's out BL and what I want to do is I want to create a list I want to create a list and you see there going to be a yes or no and also I won't have.

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