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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Employment

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Employment

One of the most important topics as of late is employment of the future whether you're a parent whether you're a person that has a full-time job whether you're freelancer or whether you're not renew or how the question is what does the future of employment look like if you look at statistics right now many jobs specifically transportation jobs will be eliminated self-driving cars they're gonna have anywhere between 500,000 plus a million jobs eliminated in fact that's the most common job in North America is transportation you already have it in Europe they have self-driving Volvo fleets uber earlier this year bought 20,000 Volvo's to retrofit to make that into self-driving and so you have these industries that are getting disrupted by technology in this example we have self-driving cars we have AI technology in fact as a company does copywriting for Amazon and eBay the copywriting is a hundred times better than any human copywriting and so what's the need for a human when you have this AI deep learning algorithm that can put way better copy per second in real time it can do multiple testing I just one or two tests I'm talking about like thousands of micro tests per second to see which copy on this page works the best and so then the big you know the big elephant in room is like okay what the do we do when almost every single job in the next 10 to 15 years is replaced by automation now you're gonna have negative people saying oh my god we need universal basic income everything's gonna go to hell there's not gonna be any jobs left you know how we're gonna support ourselves but then you got people which I couldn't lead towards on this side it's like listen for every door new doors open you think when Henry Ford created the Model T they can predict those happen today even think five years ago you could predict what's gonna happen today and so it's very difficult to predict the future what I do know what I do know is as technology evolves and becomes better more opportunity arises for God's sakes I would say 80% of Silicon Valley businesses could not exist in the last say 20 years or 20 years ago you know so technology opens up new probabilities and possibilities for us to explore into and which leads me to the main point of this video it's not talking about which jobs will be gone and how we will find new jobs it's more or less talking about the human nature of an individual you see because today for more or less since Industrial Revolution we have been mmm nurtured and and controlled like cattle to behave a certain way if you look at our educational system our educational system more or less is based off the Victorian school model and what is the Victorian school model it's to create a system that educates people enough so there are a little bit self-sufficient but not enough to question others and to create them in such a way that they're perfect fit into this big machinery and there's a cog right industrial work right going to the nine-to-five checking in checking out in fact I can say today that our educational system when people say we need to fix it I'm opposed to we need to demolish it abolish it our educational system does not serve us any good anymore I'll stay for the most part he never served us any good in the beginning you know slaving away the job that you hate what do you actually gain was in the four years of education go if you go to post-secondary eight years of education and so going into the future if you want to stay relevant if you want to stay competitive if you want to get the most out of life and really kick ass you need to have the skill of meta learning you know myself when people look at me to think oh I must have gone to some kind of special school because I'm so successful I don't graduate high school got kicked out of high school as a troublemaker I hated school right so if a high school dropout has been kicked out numerous trouble with the law when I was younger crazy stories if I can be self-taught and learn myself anyone can learn and that's the superpower to have is meta learning having the ability to a quick in learning a specific task for a pacific goal and when you really look at it like if you go to like university or college right now and for example you know my backgrounds marketing and i interview some people from market and they go to certain universities one second and they come out of it i'm talking about basic stuff there's no idea what I'm speaking about like what are they teaching in those four years like the best way you can apply anything is doing it I'm a firm believer in the apprenticeship model and people think apprenticeship is only for trades you can apply apprenticeships for anything in fact that's how people learned before the Industrial Revolution and before this Victorian school model people learn from mentors people learn from their local tribes and people learn by doing right and so the future will be all about performance economy and the gig economy and if you have the skill of meta learning and if you're willing to spend some time to dive in deep for certain tasks you have endless opportunities endless endless opportunities and the whole slaving away nine-to-five at a dreaded job that you hate well one truth be told majority these nine-to-five union jobs ninety five full benefit jobs will disappear more and more companies due to overhead legislation regulation and the fact that's way more efficient spine better talent all.

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