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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Filers

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Filers

Let's start with something a lot of people have told us we'll also go even further back in just a moment but just to get our kind of go through the gears one time let's talk a little bit about Ukraine and and his a lot of people say this was a road test for Putin there were lots of other reasons why he was did what he did in Crimea and Ukraine across the hybrid war scheme what did you see was happening there from your perspective well I think it really reflected mr. Putin's interested in trying to correct a historical wrong in his mind as far as Russia giving up a part of of the what Putin gets through the motherland that he wanted to reclaim the the place where the Russian Orthodox Church was was born and he never felt as though Ukraine and Crimea should have left the the Russian even earlier the Soviet orbit and so therefore I think mr. Putin wanted to to stop also what he thought was a an Eastern March on the part of the the Western powers NATO EU and so therefore I think he he felt as though he he needed to act because he tends to see things in zero sum that fashion and therefore I also believe he felt that he could do this with relative impunity in terms of not having a military response from the west of the United States and therefore the move was was quick but also I think I reflected I brought our strategic interest in the part of mr. Putin to secure his near abroad as it said and do it in a way that I think he felt confident was not going to beget a you know Western military...