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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Grants

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Grants

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote if there were any one period in time one would desire to be born in is it not the age of revolution when old and new stands side by side and admit of being compared when the energies of all men are searched by fear and by hope and when the historic glories of the old can be compensated by the rich possibilities of the new era this time like all times is a very good one if we know what to do with it if we know what to do with it reminds me of a story that happened seventeen and a half years ago for me I lived in Sydney Australia and I just started a new job and I was asked to go to a national sales meeting because I was the general manager of the operation and I learned that the national sales meeting was actually on the date that my wife was due to have our child so I was very concerned I went home and told her about it I said look first children are never born on their due date so I'm gonna be gone just one night and I'm going to Cannes Australia and I'm gonna be there for one night for this meeting I got to give a speech I'm gonna come back and everything's gonna be fine and very likely the doctor told us anyway that you're not gonna have the baby for about two more weeks so I went up there and I was still negotiating the bonus plan for the year so I was talking with my new boss who was the Swiss gentleman named roto and roto had this very very heavy thick Swiss accent oh he smokes cigarettes and we're going through this tough negotiation and right in the middle of the negotiation at 11:45 at night as we sat in the bar the phone rings that's my wife and I said is everything okay she said I just had my water break and I thought oh I'm the cans there's no way that I'm gonna be able to get back down to Sydney and that amount of time because the doctors always say it's about four hours to make it from the time the water breaks till the baby comes so I went to my boss I knew he had a plane and I said is there some way that you can fly me down to Sydney tonight because my wife's just gone into labor and he said well he smoked his cigarette give me ten minutes I'll prepare a flight plan and we will go so I run back to my room I take everything off my bed I throw it in the suitcase I remember I still have the remote control that actually went flying into my suitcase and I ran downstairs I'm standing by the elevator waiting for him and about 20 minutes later he finally leisurely walks out of the elevator and he looks at me and he says can you believe I lost the key to my airplane so we run literally run we get in a taxi we go to the airport and I learned then that you know the airport lights this is a port douglas turn on when you actually have a little radio button inside the plane so you hit the button and all the lights turn on and he says okay i need you to check the wing I need you to tech the oil I need you to check the condensation I'm like I don't know anything about this stuff are you kidding me so I was really afraid and when and well the people that work with me know that when I get afraid or stressed my heart rate really drops my blood pressure drops I kind of have an opposite effect and in all my companies my management teams know this and so when things get really rough and tough because I kind of lead turnarounds they usually buy me a pillow because I fall asleep so we get in the plane we take off and I'm thinking I gotta make it to the berth I gotta make it to the berth I gotta make it to the berth and I completely fall asleep and I'm in the cockpit I'm the co-pilot so we're up in the sky all of a sudden were bouncing around I wake up and I look at the dashboard and where everything had been well lit before now it's completely black and he says to me Robert can you see the coastline and I said no there's too many clouds and he says he's talking in this thing it's really loud it's the prop plane it's piper chieftain he says are you sure you cannot see the coastline and I said yeah and he says to add to the drama of the situation all of our navigation and instrumentation is inoperative can you see the coastline so they actually have to close down Sydney International Airport to find us we had flown off course towards New Zealand that's why he's asking about the coastline we only had enough fuel to make it to Sydney and now it was really I got to make it to my birth my daughter's birth I gotta make it to my daughter's birth and now I'm thinking I just got to make it so finally we come into Sydney and we land the plane I rushed to the hospital we land at 307 and it takes 30 minutes to get to Baulkham Hills hospital and I'm going as fast as I can I make it there I rushed through the Labour Ward doors and just as I run in to the room where my wife was having our daughter the doctor says he made it the nurses he made it and I see my daughter's head.

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