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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Reform

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Reform

If help and salvation are to come they can only come from the children for the children are the makers of men now we all know how this could be translated in the form of hours of homework standardized test scores or even more literally a heavy overweight backpack for the first time children as young as 5 are experiencing acute to chronic back pain now for lucky because these words came from Maria Montessori who developed a revolutionary pedagogy over a hundred years ago now I know there's a consensus here that our education system could have been a little bit better growing up or after all this time we hope that something has changed for the better no longer are we in the dark or ignorant at the idea that the most important years of a human beings life is from birth until 6 that these are our formative years and ultimately how we developed as a child has what has brought us here today remember when we were 4 and superhuman powers were at our disposal where I felt like we were in control and that bruised knees and digging for ants was a rite of passage and that every problem that we solved on our own was an affirmation that the world wanted us to succeed at 15 we juggled SAT prep classes and also drum lessons and our dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up we're now being filtered by the reality that we had to choose an occupation urgently and you know those superhuman powers I was talking about well they can only be seen by our closest friends at 25 we were so close we can taste our successes and failures and that we traded in our hours of sleep for a recognition of a great work ethic a couple years ago this boy now grown man came to me with his four-year-old daughter and he said is this a place where my daughter would never be compared would never be bullied and that her teachers would lift her up with her love of nature and art that they would never hold her back from her full potential with eyes beginning to well up she said that I really want my girl to learn how to be strong enough to not lose the motivation to keep loving what she loves about herself now does this exist can it work and I'm telling you yes it can but the key word here is motivation I ask you the audience what has motivated you to come here today or more importantly what motivates you every day to wake up and do what you do I'd like for you guys to meditate on this for a second I know that my motivation began 13 years ago when I walked into a Montessori School I first trust me it was disbelief I mean the academic level that these children were able to show but not only that the social and emotional skills that were practiced so effortlessly and that this was an environment where art and science had the same caliber of importance as math and language Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator she emphasized the human potential she developed multisim Oriol self-correcting materials that were so successful at teaching all areas of academics as well as developing fine and gross motor skills success of our methodology have withstood the test of time of cultures and even continents for over a century in the Montessori early childhood classroom there are children aged two and a half to six years of age working together in harmony and mentorship and leadership these things are cultivated daily as the older children teach the younger children they're not segregated by age or gender or even skill level they're working together naturally and the younger children they're inspired they're not intimidated to work and be like those older peers teachers structure appropriateness remember yesterday Colin Powell was speaking about that structure well the teachers they show they role model how all students and teachers work in the environment they follow and they guide to meet each individual strengths as well as meeting each individual's needs instead of as authoritative figures who are there to please or even fear unfortunately our public educational environment has been a template to our adult working environments over the years but look here notice the environment here you notice that everything's at their own reach you notice there's no adult desks adult chairs no they're not hidden there are areas of subject by area of what inspires them furniture even layout of the furniture is laid out so there's opportunities so students are able to work in groups in pairs and even independently materials in the classroom in each area are in sequence of order also materials are lay down on beautiful trays and rugs to promote visually responsibility and order in the classroom notice there's no ABC manuscript along the walls no bulletin boards sticker completion chart no you don't see any of that right and you notice that everything's beautiful and clean and orderly if your child is this tall and we all know right that children learn best can aesthetically why would we plaster things all over the wall at a dolt eye level these children our leaders of tomorrow are encouraged to talk with each other to debate and resolve problems ethically and appropriately they are there to be aware and share their strengths as well as being confident enough to reach out and ask for help from their peers Montessori students they're self-assured they're altruistic they're powerhouse problem solvers they're encouraged to ask questions and think outside the box instead of memorizing and we're Girja tating facts that are placed in front of them now a key element in fostering this love of learning is what we like to call an uninterrupted work cycle where.

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