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Everybody's Gary Vaynerchuk another episode of pod sessions awesome scene I just walked into there's like 30 people in my office it was buzzing exactly how I love it I sat down and got quiet so I'm freaking out I'm excited to get the the noise a little bit louder three phenomenal guests again I will let them introduce themselves in a second and and actually I'm just gonna go right through I was gonna make a comment about my shitty fantasy baseball team but nobody needs to hear my troubles and so let's move on let's go ladies first why don't we give the audience that's listening a little bit of an origin story so who you are what you're about actually let's start with who you are what you what you're up to and then I'll take it from there awesome yeah Anastasia and I've been surfing my whole life I've been a professional surfer for the last 20-something years I traveled around the world I don't be actively anymore but what hours did you compete how old from five years old did you know up until last year I'm 31 so yeah it's been a great ride and throughout this whole time I've always like been producing my own videos doing photos for sponsors and brands even when I was a young kid and you know really started popping off with me with social media and being able to have my own platform and so now I get to do what I've always loved doing is surf videos fun photos traveling and really social media has been great for me so and where do you live now I live actually in Florida now yeah you grew up where I'm from Hawaii in California so I've definitely yeah I've definitely been in a everywhere tropical warm beach town you want to get out of the west coast or was Florida for business reasons or any other personal my boyfriend brought me there but I you know I'm always on the road so it's kinda nice it's a nice home base to come home do awesome yeah my guy Rob Nell played professional lacrosse going to my sixth year from New York grew up here originally I played for New York lizards and Team USA so heading into the world games are the big thing looking forward to this that's every four years right excited can't wait yeah you've done that once before is this your first 2022 we lost the Canada so your best yeah we pissed a little bit chip-chip our shoulder but yeah in Israel in July use it and how you feeling about this run feeling good don't confident you know and new team the coach just can't not gonna be alright again it'll be great yeah they're always talented and who's emerged in the last four years in your opinion on the world stage anybody else you got your eye on of like that's gonna be real confident I think team Israel they're hosting but they I think they can maybe challenge the Iroquois for that bronze medal Australia is always always there but Israel in the past hasn't been that great and I think for most experts it's gonna be us you guys in Canada yeah I think only one other time it hasn't been us or Canada in the finals so so you're focused on Canada and uh um and what kind of brings you here obviously Tyler is a huge lacrosse player Paul or like you've hacked your way but and from a business standpoint and things of that nature where's your mindset at I think the unique thing about the lacrosse world is that we're professional athletes but we're not paid like other night so he had to find other ways to to make a living and I think the social landscape has allowed us to you know guys like myself guys like Paul to do it full-time so it's challenging but you got to find ways to get creative and you know most guys are professionally you're going into another job I'm lucky that I've building a brand that I'm able to do it full-time so getting creative whether it's developing my own platform for instruction online for kids to watch videos you know doing workout videos on social media that kids want to follow along just kind of building my brand over years and kind of feel myself right now more focused on it you know more than ever so good for you man Bob's yeah what's up everybody I'll be Marcus I'm the founder CEO of company called on it which is one of the leaders in human performance we call it total human optimization yeah and I put all that knowledge from working with the best people in the world a lifetime of experience and clinical research and put that into a new book called own the day own your life which is compressing all of these practices for total human optimization into one single day it's a big fat book a big fat book like I feel like you yapped a little bit too much a lot there's a lot to the game my friend name respect nice chapter covers a different section of the day from waking up to having sex to go into sleep to what you should eat breakfast lunch dinner the whole thing so having a glass of wine tries to cover like a real life day rather than just a health book that's gonna have everybody but when is his head tomorrow April 17 17 so week from this recording and are you nervous are you excited man I paid the blood price for this book so I'm not nervous you know I did everything I could so at that point when you do your best you lay it all in the line like yeah you can't be tied.

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