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Come on welcome to worlds apart making the world a better place has become the rallying cry for many from housewives to presidents but in our obsession to create a new reality aren't we losing side of the one that we have well to discuss that I'm now joined by philosopher psychoanalyst and one of the world's leading intellectuals flowers music mr. jiseok it's so great to have you on the show thank you for this opportunity it's a great pleasure I would actually like to start with love I know that in many of your public speeches you lament the fact that people have stopped falling in love that love is becoming more rational and devoid of the intensity of human emotion but I think why the opposite thing is happening with hatred because not only hatred is becoming more intense but all the traditional safeguards like political correctness education no longer seem to be able to contain it and I would like to ask you how how would you explain that I think my basic answer is a very simple one that precisely these protective measures that you mentioned politically correct rules and so on and so on they don't work they in a way oc5 fix hate hate remains there you have just to look when somebody with politically correct attitudes attack you it's not I'm not just making the primitive point that he's very attack on you displace hatred but how precisely the politically correct rules just enable you to operate to render invisible your hatred but it's still there transfixed I think that I think that again to break the ice in the sense of break this cold distance were real where we are brutally identifying the other with some racist cliches and so on there is no direct way we cannot let's say we are of different races and each of us will say oh I know you are the victim of certain cliches I think that what absolutely doesn't work that would be my first paradox is to say let's drop the cliches and it open up to the other the way he or she released what if the opposite hold that maybe the way to break the ice is to ironically play with cliches themselves when I talk with from people with people from other nations what we enjoy so much is to in a mocking way adopt the racist cliche and make family I think sometimes I get a feeling that in the modern danger politics we are playing we are taking this play with the cliches perhaps too far and what I mean by that is that in the current geopolitical discourse you know it is more and more framed in these many key in terms I mean it is as if everybody's reading you know Lord of the Rings and here's the good side here's the bad side and that's a very natural thing for humans to do but at the same time it's very primitive I mean it cuts your ability for analysis and self-reflection and I would like to ask you the question whether you believe that's you know just an oversimplification that is inherent in our cognitive ability or do you believe that it is serving a specific agenda you know to divide the world into good and bad sides yes I totally agree with you but I would just complicate it on one point isn't it the paradox that precisely those who claim like in the so called permissive West's life is complex it's fashionable to say today that we are against binary logic and so on at a higher level they treat others precisely according to this binary law like we are complex open other absolutely I agree with that totally but do you think that's a conscious deliberate drive to you know you know think of yourself as very sophisticated and of the other is very primitive it doesn't matter if it's conscious or not I think and it's the important for the ASN have we cliff falls deeply falls in what we call this liberal permissive culture and so on and so on the way they treat the others there you can see clearly what is false in disguise I mean the reason why it's important is because it is very much expressed in Geo Pole because many of the upheavals we had in the Middle East for example and I'm it's not just the Western involvement but I mean did you know what happened in Iraq what happened in Libya what happened in Syria was within the framework that Western countries know what is good for those people you know for those poor Arabs and you know supporting democracy there so you know this idea of that you somehow on the side of the good and those you know poor tyrants on the side of the bed you know it has very you know very significant consecrated you but I would dress again that's my profession is the philosopher complicate things further what I don't like is another dichotomy for example it's so fashionable to say a proper Muslim fundamentalism not only we are good they are bad but to distinguish in the other like Islam in itself a good religion and on the other hand there are some terrorists who are misusing it and so on and so on for example today in Western liberal leftist circles you almost cannot criticize Islam you're immediately accused of Islamophobia and Cohen and Schiavoni you can't criticize Islam but at the same time you you you can't show you know the profit of for you know millions and millions of people with his pants down I mean the Charlie Abdul controversy yeah I agree with you but here I agree with you and of course we can immediately stumble upon what is false in the West limitations for example of course I'm.

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