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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Trademark

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Trademark

You brands brands brands everything in the world is a brand everything well we have to decide what our brand will be dear Big Bang we're going to brand history history with what brand Marco follow me and you'll see it's a place where they make t-shirts as customers wanted their heavens it's perfect for what we want imagine we buy white t-shirts ping-pong designs the motifs you and I print them place our brand and we sell them in several places let's hope it works we'll compete with very famous brands but each can have its own space famous brands already have it our t-shirts will be unique we will earn our space have you heard the latest on Vangelis he copies the style of famous brands and sells his products as if they were original bandulus is a crook will show him that one can win honestly with hard work and our own brand speaking of here comes Julie hey guys I went to the brand registry office the brand is any symbol that helps distinguish a person or company's products and services from others in the market a brand can be a word figure a three-dimensional shape a sound the goal is to distinguish that person's or company's product so it's not confused with others if people can identify the product they want they can ask for it exactly and the entrepreneur can also offer it and advertise it that's clear totally clear if the product is well received people will recognize the brand and this will make it better known and increase its value with the brand you can create an image and a style for the product without a brand nobody could recognize the product or service it's a delicious chocolate but I can't remember the brand Wow it's really important to have a brand wait a minute what if somebody copies our brand that is forbidden brands must be special and different to existing ones they must be used to help identify not confuse but what would happen if they copy or imitate us we denounce them to the corresponding authority so they enforce the law in order to protect your brand you must first register it hmm uh and what if I didn't register it it will be difficult for you to protect it registration makes you the owner of the brand turns you into the owner into the only person authorized to use it is it valid forever registration lasts ten years and can be renewed over and over again we should create our own brand and register it immediately immediately everybody say words that customers might like and we choose the best one we should keep in mind that customers are going to associate the word with the product what do you think of Bama Chopin dammit Shubin by babby Marco Chu Li and ping pong it sounds like medicine what about Ryback like Reebok the brand on TV yes it has worldwide recognition did you forget that we couldn't use a registered brand oh say unless we have the owner's permission can we get permission having a brand is like having a car it's something that people can buy from you or they can use it for some time if they pay what you settled on and can we put whatever price we want that depends on the brand's market value that is why prestige is important remember friends we have to choose our brand what do you think of Chile Lopez no Julie Lopez is my name it's my brand I own it and do not authorize it what about to live to live to live closer to you to live to live comfortable clothes to live to live if I used to live I like to live to live with it's registered our that's it it should be drawn and registered depending on the legislation of each country different things can be forbidden when registering a brand for more information contact the trademark office in your area our designs will be to live what if someone comes out with to live Suites for example you can do it because it's a different product that there's no relation to our t-shirts there is no risk of confusion when its products that have no relation to each other for example cookies and cars different products are ordered in different classes who establishes the classes product classes are explained in Lisa's international classification this is our application and stamp the copy for me please all right no we must public the application in the media they tell us why so that any person that objects to our brand can inform the registry and if no one objects to it then the office is certain that the application is good our product has a registered brand people identify it and ask for it because of a hard work our brand has gained prestige with which we are in you.

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