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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Wages

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Wages

Hi guys my name is e dan and welcome to my channel today we're gonna show you guys how much money can you make from driving ubereats for a whole day I started out on 11 a.m. and I got my first job already I fill up my gas tank in full so then we're starting from a full gas tank and see how much money it's gonna cost us to drive around the date of the day I'm gonna refill my gas tank and see how much gas I spent the whole day we'll see also other expenses like maintenance and anything else that I might have on the way as expense to calculate it to how much profits we can make for today and what I really show you is it worth it to quit your job to do this full-time is it better to do it a few hours at night after work to substitute your your income or is it better to not do it at all I can tell you that it's it's tough man I've been doing it for maybe a week now a few hours at night to kind of see how it is before I make this video and Wow it doesn't make much money I can tell you right now maybe we'll get lucky today we'll see maybe we'll get some tips now other people tip unfortunately which got me surprised and yeah we can really say how much we're gonna make but it doesn't look very good already from my previous few days but anyways let's ride like anyways and see how much money can we make for today I've been waiting for 30 minutes and now I have a job and I'm gonna go pick up some food from McDonald's by the way my car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022 the mapa gun is really bad maybe your car will have a better map again than mine and you'll be able to get much better results than me but remember this car is also cheap so or don't really care putting miles on it if you have a nice car a new car I don't know if it's gonna work winning those miles to do some deliveries it will depreciate the car as well that's something you also need to calculate - alright guys I'm on my first delivery right now it was a mcdonough livery with a shake and it's so close that's so weird I picked it up it's think I can literally walk here probably did it because he has a coupon $10 off for the delivery for movies and he just used it to get free food so why not we're gonna go ahead and deliver it for him there's not probably not gonna be any tip I noticed the tips are only from like nice restaurants or if it's pizza for some reason I think because people think Oh pizza you know give it tip to the pizza guy but when it comes to like sushi or noodles or whatever else in this area that they deliver there's no tip I'm getting tip one of the ten delivery something like that but if it's pizza almost every time so I just did my first delivery $3.25 no tips but it was super close it took me minutes I'm right next to my house again so let's wait for the next one boom I got another delivery a bunch of sandwiches pretty far away from here though it's three point four miles away it's a bit far but I'll do it to famous Mike's Philly sandwiches from Jersey Mike's so let's go ahead and do it so far three thousand twenty-five cents let's go to the next one alright I got two sandwiches let's go delivery right now one more delivery down 3071 cents that one was pretty bad I had to drive 13 minutes away just to deliver it just to pick it up and uber doesn't pay you for the time and the miles you drive to pick it up they only pay you for the time and miles that you from the place you pick it up to where you drop it off remember that when you pick up jobs I might not pick jobs that's so far away it might decrease my income a lot and have a lot more expense in driving in time one time I did a delivery and the restaurant asked me to fill up some to fill up the drink for them like oh you know the customer ordered Fanta whatever fill up the drink and they told me oh and also put some sound sign a cup you know give him some sound so it was it was a tackle place and don't do what I did I do not that was not good my girlfriend told me what are you doing bro you don't you don't work there so if they ask you to do something you're not supposed to just tell them hey I don't work here I'm here to pick up the food please make sure the order is ready so I can pick it up so yeah that got me pretty upset you know what the hell to ask me to put the you know the drink in the cab close it and give them straw and sides and stuff no no don't do that please that is very bad all right our third delivery for today some McDonald's and McFlurry let's go alright guys we just did our third delivery three dollars and 49 cents and no tip time oh well let's go to the next one so we are about to deliver a fourth right for 34th delivery for today it's 2 p.m. so from 11:00 to 2:00 p.m. only got four jobs before delivery it's very slow the guy ordered some Thai tea and Patsy you.

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