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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 8815 Wages

Instructions and Help about What Form 8815 Wages

Hi guys, my name is E Dan and welcome to my channel. Today, we're gonna show you guys how much money you can make from driving UberEats for a whole day. I started out at 11 a.m. and I already got my first job. I filled up my gas tank in full, so we're starting from a full gas tank to see how much money it's gonna cost us to drive around throughout the day. I'm gonna refill my gas tank and see how much gas I spent the whole day. We'll also factor in other expenses like maintenance and anything else that I might have on the way as expenses to calculate how much profit we can make for today. What I really want to show you is if it's worth it to quit your job to do this full-time, or if it's better to do it a few hours at night after work to substitute your income, or if it's better to not do it at all. I can tell you that it's tough, man. I've been doing it for maybe a week now, a few hours at night, to kind of see how it is before I make this video and wow, it doesn't make much money. I can tell you right now, maybe we'll get lucky today, we'll see, maybe we'll get some tips from other people. Unfortunately, not many people tip, which surprised me. We can't really say how much we're gonna make, but it doesn't look very good already from my previous few days. But anyways, let's ride and see how much money we can make for today. I've been waiting for 30 minutes and now I have a job. I'm gonna go pick up some food from McDonald's. By the way, my car is a...