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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Amended

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Amended

Music Applause Music Music all right nasty Nathaniel out here in Twin Peaks and we are descending upon the Scientology secret compound right now we're walking along the fence line Music Music Music keep seeing these pink ribbons here you think maybe somebody's trying to send a message to us wonder who that person might be or persons Music maybe this is the bridge to total freedom maybe it could be the bridge for freedom for some Sea Org members Music Music all right we're coming up on the main entrance Oh what was that Applause five or six years now they have a double gate went open and on orange came here back in 2022 you can walk right up to the first building you see there Music not anymore Britta Shelly Miscavige free heber Jax Taylor Miscavige big sister oh they're turning on the sprinklers you already know because you're keeping her up yeah he's outside security are you a Scientologist who knows he's called white and we just have you talked to Shelly this garbage are you in the Sea Org what are you gonna do about it buddy what are you gonna do call the cops that's probably what what are you serious Music Music one of these spikes that are pointed inwards and outwards we were told before that there to keep out bears but are they trying to keep the bears from getting out as well Music Music Music as you can tell we are really up high be a good place to hide someone that you didn't want to be found hope and Gi Jenny walking alongside of the road Music well I'm investigating a crime that's what they're reporting so that's why I'm here to find out where they got that happen and so now I'm asked you guys for your ID we didn't trespass though okay well that's what I'm here find out you have your idea we have a right to remain anonymous well we will walk out tonight hey deputy at this time I just like that are we legally being detained at this point or are we free to go or well you guys give me ID so no you're not but we are being designed well there's no charger right now I'm trying to do an investigation and I mean what law are you allowing yourself to I had a call for service okay so I have a legal reason to be here and a legal reason to contact you guys what statue are you detaining us one for we need to know I'm investigating right now because there's any crime so if you guys are priming your IDs I ran your information in our system and then you guys better be on your way we have a right to anonymous or while you're protesting College me they stop people and and I and I get that and I have let the sound I have no issue of that my finding is I have a job to do so if I start walking where you can attack the me arrest me why why am I gonna attack me I would rather you not do that because then then I would have to detain you need to stay here ok this please cooperate and then we'll get through this process to get through the process and you'll be on your way or if there is any type of trespassing going on they have the right to sign us in duress form on you guys place you guys under arrest for trespassing ok so right now at this time I'm just paint you guys until we get to I you know and I just have a question I'm not trying to be a smart aleck or anything like that but us handing over IDs and running our names and giving all our information how is that gonna determine whether there was a trespass yeah I'm gonna add it identifies you individual if you guys just said you were you're over there protest testing Scientology right you're right okay but that won't determine whether there's been a no so that's just identifying you guys as being part of the protest and being part of possibly being trespassing I don't know that yet I contact you guys here I was heading over to the other entrance where they said they had you guys on video trespassing this we're at right now I know they don't have me on video so that would be alive they did with so if it turns out they're lying they told you that they had me on video and they actually don't then what happens well I don't know if it's recorded video I don't know if it's just like the live feed video I don't know it needs to show you something he has no proof either all right right now right what they have no proof this is an illegal detention that is not only but I mean if they're just take which a lot of people do to Scientologist lie all the time I'll give you an example I was at gold base a few months ago during kind of a similar thing filming from public easement wasn't on the property I was with another individual who would remain anonymous but they actually called Highway Patrol and Highway Patrol actually told us that the report that they got that their dispatch got was that security at the base that called who said that there were two guys matching our description fighting out in the middle of highway 79 nobody's fighting but yes we did get a call you know we're gonna call that numbers two guys are here being suspicious whatever that means what couldn't have been I mean more from the you know oh man you know I mean we didn't really pursue it but you know I mean I appreciate.

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