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Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Cashed

Geo Group, one of the largest for-profit prison corporations, has secured a federal contract worth $110 million to build a new facility for detaining undocumented immigrants. The company plans to open a 1,000-bed detention facility in Conroe, north of Houston, by the end of next year. It is worth noting that Geo already operates a 1,500-bed immigrant detention center in the same area. The fact that they need another for-profit prison raises questions about their motives, especially considering the disastrous track record of for-profit prisons. These institutions do not prioritize cutting costs, and despite being privately run, they have investors and seek to make a profit. Their main goal is to detain as many people as possible to maximize profits. This new detention facility highlights how detaining undocumented immigrants is a waste of taxpayer money. Similar contracts and facilities exist in Arizona, where privately run and owned medical facilities assist in housing and warehousing undocumented immigrants. This approach results in a profit-driven system that criminalizes individuals seeking a better life. While an open borders policy is not feasible, common-sense legislation and regulations should be implemented to address this issue. Unfortunately, the current system is driven by profit and fails to prioritize creating a fair and just immigration system. Additionally, the model of immigrant detention centers mirrors our criminal justice system, which is also privatized. The racial and economic dynamics underlying these policies should be examined to understand why they are structured the way they are. It is concerning that the Trump administration has rolled back the Obama-era decision to stop using federal or for-profit prisons on the federal level. This change has led to higher stock prices for for-profit prisons and further incentive to detain more individuals. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement currently has over 41,000 detainees, and that number...