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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Checklist

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Checklist

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com obviously the squat obviously a major focus of a lower body strength program why because it's one of the most functional movement patterns we do we do know that there are some checkpoints though with a squat and I think that a lot of guys are overlooking one of the most important and I'll show you that today when we squat we know that elbows should be tucked head should be up feet should be on a line toes pointed out knees go out as we go down now I'm going to do a whole other video talking about how one squat position doesn't fit for everybody okay but we'll get to that in a different at a different time for this video though we know those points and I want to show you how even when you have all those checkpoints right chest out right there's still one thing that you can be doing dramatically wrong I show you how to fix it today so take any kind of a stick that we can put on the ground here and we know that if you want to squat and squat properly you should be square right it's like playing golf anyway sort of play golf this should be squared to the line so my feet are square here we're going to point the toes out a little bit okay still still square in the line whether your toes are straight ahead or whether your toes are pointed out your feet are still square and lined up on that line when I go down into the squat again the knees will go out and I come down heads up chest out elbows down right glutes engaged there's still a little major problem watch if I take this and I put it up against my hips right here okay this has also got to be square these should be square with this because I do this and my feet have not changed I've just opened up my hips but my feet haven't changed so I can think that I'm square because I'm facing a head my chest is a head my feet are square my feet are level everything is good but I've just opened up my hips and it happens all the time guys because we're very asymmetrical people whether we sit all day and we develop imbalances in the muscles around our hips or we have an actual leg length and balance that will cause stuff like this but this torsion that's going on here is a very common problem so what happens is and it really exaggerated away if I were to turn all the way like this okay complete exaggeration no one's ever going to look like this and I try to squat look what happens to the right leg the left leg goes down we'll find the right leg is caving in okay we've got a valgus at the knee okay it's looking like that this is a bad position for your knee especially if you count up all the reps of squats that you're doing this applies to dead lips as well guys the same position the same thing can happen up here at the hips you can't ball the reps that you're doing damage sure you need that's going to cause a problem over time so what we want to do is make sure that we're squared off here - how do you do that if it's already something that you can't perceive and it's already something that your body has adapted to here's one quick thing you can try to do when you get up in your position here I'll put it down here first if you're the kind of guy who's a little bit tight again it could be the other way too but to demonstrate here if you're somewhat open hip sters our feet are square but your hips are somewhat open the best way to check for that and to make sure even if you don't know if you are is to squeeze your glutes tighten just like that I squeeze my glutes together as tight as I possibly can what that does is it levels off the hips it will square them off I just found that by being back here my left glute had a lot more work to do to get me back to seven all right so I squeeze the glutes now from here okay then I go down into my rep and then I come out and before I go another rep I squeeze the glutes again real tight just to make sure that I didn't fall back out again okay let's stay here and then down and then up and through and the same thing can happen in a fly to a deadlift as well you go down you come up it's a little easier there because it's a very natural portion of the deadlift to come up and actually squeeze follow through with your hips but on the squat a lot of guys will come up and kind of hang out right here which looks good it looks like you're at the top but you're not really fully extended and that full extension is going to set your hips properly so that now everything is in line a little bonus tip for you guys that do play golf that is a major issue you set your line it up there's the flag you're here everything is good the hips are open likely you're going to come over the top and probably either slice the ball or whatever but you have to be lined up no matter what it is you're doing especially when it comes to the gym you want to be doing reps that are quality that have you on the right biomechanical alignment more you're going to cost joint problems pain discomfort all that.

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