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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Filers

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Filers

Okay Mike okay good morning everybody hello welcome back to my channel hi how are you I'm good nervous I don't know I'm not really sure how to start this video but I've wanted to come into my beauty room alone and just turn on the camera with no one here and just talk to you guys for a few minutes about something that I've been dealing with for a third of my life before I go and get the surgery today I just kind of wanted to have a moment by myself clear my head I was gonna do this last night and I didn't I don't know why my gut was like just do it in the morning just free talk and just get it out this is something I don't really share with people and a lot of you may think it's not a big deal a lot of you may be able to relate to it if you've had a shitty experience of what I'm about to talk about but ten years ago I was botched so you guys have been staring at me for years now on YouTube and you may have noticed something wrong with my face you may not I'm just gonna dive into it and tell you this what happened to me is and I'm gonna throw up some pictures throughout this video we're gonna kind of go through a little history before we hop in the car and go to the doctors but about ten years ago I discovered fillers I know insert Halloween music here and I had a smaller mouth I'm gonna show you guys some pictures right now I really wanted fuller bigger lips I wasn't insecure about having smaller lips but I used to work at MAC Cosmetics a long time ago when I was about 18 or 19 and one of the girls there had huge I call him pornstar lips and she had so much filler and I was like I was mesmerized girl I was like wow I want bigger lips she gave me the number to a doctor down the street and I don't regret much I regret ever meeting that doctor I regret ever going into his office and I regret ever letting him touch my face now if you guys are not up to date on what fillers are there's a million videos on filler but basically it is something that you inject to of course change your appearance add volume and it is not permanent that's the that's the main problem here is it's really not permanent over time does it kind of build up a little bit a hundred percent but here's where it gets really dark so I went to this doctor and I asked for Juvederm no if you guys don't know what Juvederm is I'm gonna have dr. Kirby explain it a little more later in the video but it is a filler and it is supposed to go away over time but it does add volume to things you have seen a lot of influencers celebrities normal people so many people have gotten filler whether it's in their cheeks their lips their nose the boat like everything right and it is different from Botox some people that really aren't into this stuff get it confused but Juvederm is not permanent so here's where it gets really really shitty is I go to this person he allegedly used about two syringes for my bottom and top lips total okay now I didn't notice anything was wrong until about a year later and I discovered a few years after that that this doctor had mixed in silicon with Juvederm I never asked for that I never knew he was doing this so I really don't know why this person did this it's crazy because there is a statue of limitation of how you can sue or legally pursue someone and years later when I finally found this person again because I didn't know their name and it had been years and years it was too late so here I am on camera just being honest with you guys about my experience so I hope that this story can help other people I hope that if you're watching this you do your research about the doctors before you go anywhere whether it's even a hairdresser a tattoo artist a plastic surgeon someone that just does fillers please do your research so you may be looking at me and you're like Geoffrey there's not really that much wrong with you if you have looked at me on camera seen my mouth move you probably have noticed bumps you may have noticed weird things like when I smile and I'm gonna come in a cock my head look when I smile you see that underneath my lips for years and years now has been silicone that has made me insecure it has embarrassed me it has made me feel weird when I'm doing photo shoots it is something that I have to airbrush and some pictures when I'm in different angles and it's something that has haunted me for a long time now the reason why it is not the most prominent throughout the years is because we've been masking it so the doctor today the amazing doctor Kirby you guys have seen him on my channel before he's actually done lip injections on me a few years ago he's done Botox on Nathan's armpits y'all gotta watch that video but I went to him and I discovered him because he fixes people that have been botched okay and I wasn't ready for surgery or cutting anything out back then so I asked him to mask it with more fillers was that the smartest I don't know but that's what I chose to do at the time so the bumps were worse a few years ago and he would.

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