Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Filing

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Filing

Now live this is CBS 4 News at 11:00 we sent undercover cameras in to dozens of police stations we wanted to find out how people would be treated and what the procedures are for filing complaints against police officers I team investigator Mike Kirsch is here now with his investigation into what some might consider police station intimidation police departments around the country like here in Tallahassee gives citizens police complaint forms all the time no questions asked but walked into a police station in South Florida trying to find out how to file a complaint and watch what happens yeah I wanted to find out how to files and plan against an officer I just want to find out how you do it you guys have a forum or something that I could take with me what do you have a complaint form that I can like to fill out or something like that who decides that I'm trying to help you like if there's a forum why can't I just take it and leave right no you don't leave with forms you tell me what happened and then I help you from there give you an idea why you know what you need to leave but you're refusing to tell me what you want to do okay you're refusing to tell me who's involved where it happened what transpired you're not cooperating with me one bit I was just asked you guys have a complaint form or like there's some way for me to contact internal affairs why cursing at me I mean why would you ask you how to answer any of my questions so I'm on medication I asked you free country I can ask you that okay you're right Applause you're not gonna tell me what the problem was all I asked you was like how do I contact you complain you say my officers are acting in an appropriate manner we Applause I'm not doing anything wrong neither am i I'm not in your face I'm standing sidewalk free country more step forward Applause I'm trying to find out how to file a complaint against officer boys they work daddy works at this mystery max was watching word is you're working if you work here at this district the answer is just try to answer my question and um yeah I think you think this is a big conspiracy I'm kind of like find out like how do you father that's why man if you think you can walk in here go straight into the director of my surveys police tell me any details you can't do it and I for some reason you think that I don't know why you think it's a big conspiracy that I want to we're going to hide some information about what happened to you I don't know is it a traffic ticket and then something that you know discourtesy complaint what is it you stole your lunch money I did exterior money deddi you know have sex with your wife what Applause your wedding is an anniversary Applause take the complaint you've got to speak to me so we can discuss this and see what we can do we don't we don't give you a form for do it I don't want to say you don't want to say now hardball we play hardball all righty the what because I'm asking you for ID right now it's why here hand it to me it's it give it to me here hand it to me are you kidding me hand me your idea i sir he's giving it kidding me and here I do this do this and we put it what are you doing here mrs. speery I came to ask you how to file a complaint right and this is very suspicious you're asking how to file a claim suspicious look why don't you shut up I say this is very suspicious that you can pull in here at this time of night he comes eight o'clock you're you're constantly butting in I'm constantly butting in sir I would like to leave I would love it but he's got you drivers it's gonna have six are you detaining us okay could I give you a ticket right now for improper back you can do whatever you want to do I suppose that yeah oh yeah that he's just I guess you're saying right if we're backing up correct yes I was backing up sir as I was leaving like there's no way like it's just write it down on something like well first of all once you tell me what happened and I'll tell you somebody did something wrong to you I mean like I feel like I know like kind of somebody did something wrong I mean like I mean I you know maybe not sometimes people don't some people think that we're not allowed to do certain things and we are and sometimes you know some guys thinking overboard and they're not allowed to do that right you know I don't know what happened yeah I mean I'm not gonna be like on top I mean I'll have you man the real issue seems to be why can't a complaint form against the police be found seemingly anywhere at South Florida Police Department's this hidden-camera test was carried out by a police abuse watchdog group called the police complaint center remarkably of 38 different police stations tested around South Florida all but three had no police complaint forms something like that Florida City PD and homestead PD had them as did the city of Miami in three languages English Spanish and Creole but Miami Police Chief John Timoney was in no mood to gloat after hearing about the social skills of some cops and the behavior of other police officers when asked how complaints might be filed against their fellow cops less.