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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Guarantees

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Guarantees

Hi everyone this is Andy Lau savedoff founder a mile walk in the mile walk Academy and award-winning author of the hiring prophecies here with this week's episode of tips for working life I got a great one to help you succeed in your careers it's all about getting your resume noticed and how to get it noticed in five seconds guaranteed now this topic is so hot that I decided to wear my hot salmon-colored top so if you're watching me on the podcast hop over to my blog or hop over to YouTube just so I can brighten your day but it is that hot it's really really important that you get your resume notice quickly so today we're going to do is we're talk about how do you get the resume noticed what's actually happening when someone opens your resumes how do they look at it how can you make sure that you're getting on top right away so that they recognize this is something that they want to continue reading and the third thing we're going to talk about is what not to do so just by way of background and just you understand how many resumes I've actually looked at in my life in my career I have looked at more than a half a million resumes I'm not kidding and how could something like that happen well for decades I have been recruiting and interviewing and hiring people at a high velocity throw in or maybe a match so thanks to a Great Recession that thanks to that Great Recession a number of years back I spent four entire years looking at about 1,500 to 2,000 resumes a week and then we also have some great relationships with outplacement organizations that help large organizations facilitate the exit of individuals so whenever they go on a reduction in force so one of their clients goes in a reduction force based send us resumes by the thousands hoping we might be able to help them so I do look at an awful lot of resumes and in one of my earlier posts titled how to build the ultimate professional resume I gave you what I thought was the ideal layout for your resume whether you're a professional or a college student but let's talk today about how do you make sure that that resume gets noticed right away so you already understand how I've looked at so many resumes now I want to talk to you about how long you have you've got about six seconds that's from my personal experience looking at all of those resumes that's about how long it takes me to look at the entire resume determine if I want to look at it and if you don't want to take my word for it there are many job sites like the ladders and monster and others that year after year they interview or they survey their recruiters with people that are hiring hirers and employers that are using their site they ask them how long does it take you to analyze a resume six seconds is the number which means you had five seconds to interrupt that person to make sure that you get their attention and if they're noticing what you have so that's how long you have now how do you how does somebody like me actually look at a resume so what's actually happening in that six seconds well first thing that I do and assuming for the most part that somebody is going to be opening your resume via email or career portal or something of that nature up is going to come the resume the first place my eyes go so my first eye glance is at the top I'm looking at the top center I'm looking for your name I don't need to see a whole lot of other stuff I'd like to see your address because I'd like to know where you live but I don't need to see a whole bunch of letters and other hieroglyphics after your name that's just going to prohibit my ability to remember it the next thing that I do is I look all at once at the top half of the first page of what should be a no longer than two page resume but I look at the top hat the whole top hat I look at it all at once and I'm looking for something in particular that I'll talk about in a couple of moments but I look at the top half of the first page I don't read it I don't read it no matter what it says I just look at it then what I do is I go down the left column and I start to look for which organizations or which company should work for I care way more about the companies you work for than the particular positions that you've held within them I want I want to look for Super Bowl errs people that have played on a Super Bowl team that have got good pedigree they've been well trained I they're more about the company but if I have to look for it that frustrates me so so I go down I go down the left column then what I do is I go to the next page and I look at the entire second page all at once only to let myself know I'm really looking for just what's on the page you know is it is it a little more work history is that your education is that your volunteer programs or activities or other credentials or things that you board you sit on whatever it might be that's what I do so you look at the name at the top I look at the top half of the resume all at once then I go down the left column I look for the.

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