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Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Individuals

The Prime Minister dr. pan Abbas Abbas or saminin attended this year's recipient schools competition finals which were held at the universe port Emporium the prime minister said seeing and hearing the student from the country's schools competing in a music competition and showing immense music talent that lies in sauces is an exhilarating experience the prime minister says adolescence is a time for change for boys and girls a period of both a physical and emotional growth and that they have dreams and a life and many opportunities ahead of them Damini uploaded Swasey Bank for the continued sponsorship which was 50,000 malanga in 2021 and is 400,000 and Milani for this year's competition he also uploaded the competition structure which is divided into phases or divisions he says the country's competitive events are strengthening the individuals ability to pursue a career in music the dual purpose of exposing our talented young instrumentalist as well as identifying members for the new orchid I congratulate the Association on this innovation as well as the performers who include modern students from the Royal thousand Felice Bennett and his majesty's Correctional Services including the competition's item in the form of choristers recycling section of the national consultation is a further creative ideas especially the selection over which relating to the right of the child that we are hearing today and the duties of the citizen which were recited yesterday bringing important constitutional provisions to the attention of performance epithermal is a northern and welcome step including the national anthem is part of the quorum component is also an innovative measure the Prime Minister congratulated the winners and urged those who didn't make it to work harder next time other speakers included the managing director of Swiss bank as a callaloo column amphetamine of this was an school's choral music Association who both appraised his majesty's government for supporting the school's chorale competition the champions of this year Swasey banks post choral music competition is Terrigen high school which is a combination of Silesian ensign trees as high schools as they managed to defend their title which they won last yung mulah Misawa School came second while Manzini Nazarene came fed for Amazon scooped position one in both girls and boys choirs respectively in the many awards they port on the night reporting for saw CTV News am subbu subbu Bonnie in Mattapan.