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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Liability

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Liability

Truly I have something entirely different to share with you today it is it's based on some work that I've done over a long period of time this is just a subset of a series of Papa of popular press articles I'm writing in a case study also based on research of others and personal experience so while these talk tape talks take many different forms this one instead of being about me is really going to be about you so what you'll see is I'm actually this this is a call to action much like Rachelle's but it's called action for leaders leaders those of you that are leaders the leaders where you work on the organizations you belong to so let's start this off with let's make it personal for you so far how many of you are students and by the way these lights really should be out there besides your the glare off my head is probably blinding so okay so a lot of students and then the rest of you working some of yous plenty of the students I know we're working great so in any case now I know how many of you have witnessed unethical behavior at school or work hands up take a look around alright great well how many of you have been targets okay how many of you aren't telling the truth great all right I'll stop by shadowing the light but that's pretty tough so in any case a Harvard Business Review study revealed that 98% of employees have reported experiencing unethical behavior at work so I just trust that means that it's everywhere all of the time and sadly this trend is getting worse the incidence has doubled since 1998 to 2022 so now common forms of unethical behavior at work there are a bunch so wherever I show when there's anything in yellow those are questions for you to ponder don't have nearly enough time to solicit and share some of your answers so you need to ask and answer these ponder these yourselves but that said how many of you have been punished in a performance review nobody okay so I'm the only one okay great so had your reputation or opportunities undermined by co-workers or supervisors all right check okay yell there yelled at or sworn at by your boss or coworkers well I don't do people live charmed lives either that or you're just a little uneasy about sharing here okay now forced to go along shut up or else it's going to cost you yeah see so this is a pervasive issue this is why this is the this is the business case for why what I'm going to talk about today matters so bullying is a particular one that's growing in incidents certainly a form of unethical behavior so not just kids stuff anymore not the older or bigger kid at school in fact now that we're adults and at work it's a lot worse so for example how much worse 27 percent of employees have report being the director direct targets of 72 percent of witnessed it and 72 percent of employers either defend somehow rationalize or otherwise justify that sort of behavior it's an epidemic so why should leaders care I can overwhelm you with a bunch of stats these are some reasons why Guus add these all together it affects performance it affects performance in many ways so if it affects your performance as an individual employee that obviously affects the performance of your co-workers your boss your unit your larger larger organization and again if the incidence is so high this is happening in many places every day so that's a and by the way so I'll compel to those of you that are in those leadership positions formal ones look CEOs or executives rather reported that they spend fifteen percent of their time in a year dealing with unethical conduct translation seven weeks oh that's awful so what a drain so now importantly is this sort of unethical behavior that I have described thus far is it unethical yes of course it is by definition but is it illegal no and that's a very important difference the vast majority vast vast majority of unethical conduct is legal so don't take my word for it let's look at Eric Holder number one lawman in the land well formally so he said so related to the financial crisis so terrific quote he says that while the conduct that led to the crisis could be was indeed unethical and we're responsible the fact is is that some of the behavior even morally reprehensible the fact of the matter is the vast majority of is not illegal not criminal you want some more stats my last step today only two dozen less than two thousand by the way that's 24 out of 14,000 cases that were brought actually implicated the senior leadership of those organizations remember I'm a business professor I'm going to bring all sorts of work examples so ok now this is the topic of my talk this is what I compel in my call to action for you folks is that legal versus ethical liability it's a crisis of leadership and culture and I'm going to focus on higher IDI today given the audience so with that I will astrayed it this way make it a little lighter but just as serious so legal liability yeah that's a low hurdle if that's your only standard that's easy to cover no problem you can fall over that one and and be happy about it we okay so now when you start to contemplate the ethical liability what is it what's my role that's much more challenging and frankly as this shows many shy away from it so now from a leadership perspective legal liability I say is a test of smart if you get into legal trouble frankly.

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