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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Losses

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Losses

What's happened everybody this is gonna be for people who are just starting on the gym maybe you've never even set foot inside of a gym this video should definitely help you out for some people the things I talk about in this video may seem like common sense however I wanted to make this for people who needed a complete introduction for what they may see inside of the gym Marie and I had no idea what we were doing when we first started so I hope this video can help others out there that may be in the same situation that we were in there's a lot of tips throughout this whole video so be sure to stick around to the end and if you enjoy and feel like this video could help someone get started achieving their goals please be sure to share it and real quick if you have not seen my video where I talk about how I first started and Jim intimidation I highly suggest you go watch that real quick because it'll also give you a basis and an intro on how I got started in the gym and then also talk about gym intimidation if you're having any problems with that alright so you made it into the gym good that step one is getting up off the couch and into the gym now since this video is mainly for beginners I know a lot of you guys are going to be very intimidated to heading over to the weights and that's fine we're going to talk about the weight section later when you walk into the gym the cardio section is going to be very enticing to you because it's going to be a very easy place for you to start your first couple of weeks should be you getting comfortable with the gym making it somewhere that you can fall in love with and actually enjoy and looking forward to going to it every day even on days you don't feel like going you need to remind yourself about how every time you do go you feel great afterwards I guarantee that if you force yourself to go as soon as you get there you're gonna be so glad that you actually went as far as cardio equipment goes there's only one thing that I really recommend you not wasting your time on and that is actually what she is sitting on here which is the seated bike now this is one that's a little more upright it's better than the other one where you just like lean back and move your legs a little bit that thing is a complete waste of time compared to the other things that you could be spending your time doing while you're here an easy place in a place that I recommend you start is the treadmill set it to incline and set it to a brisk walk and get going do keep in mind that if you are going to set it in an incline don't be holding on to the top of the treadmill like you're about to fall off make sure that you're just walking like you're walking up a very steep hill leading to nowhere just put your hands down keep walking don't hold on to anything unless you absolutely have to like you feel like you're about to fall off then you'd probably be better off just lessening the incline until you get more used to it and your balance improves I also absolutely love the Stairmaster unfortunately this gym doesn't have a Stairmaster and it can be pretty difficult for someone to start off on there if they're just getting into fitness because it's one of the more difficult cardio equipments once you feel comfortable with going to the gym and coming in here every day and you're ready to really start making some progress then it's time to head over to the weight room or the weight section most days you go to the gym you should be looking into lifting something not going straight to cardio the more muscle mass you have the more calories you can burn the quicker you can lose weight and avoid plateaus and this goes for women and guys that aren't looking to get all muscular and get into bodybuilding or anything everyone should be lifting weights you know like a lot of women like to talk about the different shapes that they have like the barrel shape that Apple shape the pear shape the only way to get rid of that shape and change your body's composition is to be weightlifting so I've talked about in the previous video about feeling intimidated by the gym so go check that out if you are feeling intimidated but once you get into the gym you need to come in here with a plan and don't get caught up with all the different routines and whatnot at the beginning just start going do something and you will learn very quickly as you go now in a lot of routines is going to tell you to do a specific exercise but if your gym does not have that specific exercise like I know a lot of Planet Fitness is out there they don't even have squat racks so you're not going to be able to a barbell squat you're not going to be able to do barbell bench you're not going to be able to do anything with a barbell so don't trip out by that and don't get freaked out there's always something in the gym that you can do besides that workout that is said for you being a real easy place for you to start is going to be the different machines in the gym now as you see on this machine most machines are going to have kind of what it's working out so this one shows you.

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