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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Matures

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Matures

Music at some point last year this article showed up in newspapers all over the world the police had taken down this massive child pornography Network it was on a dark net and it had nearly 90,000 members lots and lots of illegal material were shared and lots of messages were sent through the network every day every hour every second people from all over the world were logging into this network anonymously which makes it extremely difficult for the police to track them down now some of these people only had the aim of collecting child abuse and material online others also had the aim of abusing children themselves regardless they all found his deep satisfaction in discussing their deepest fantasies and experiences with regards to child abuse online apparently there's a market for this well this makes me ask the question how can we keep the world of the internet safe for our children how can we reduce and maybe even eliminate a problem of child exploitation online well that's quite a question to ask as a psychologist having worked directly with sex offenders previously and now working for the Dutch national police Child Exploitation unit I can simply tell you this unfortunately we will never be able to eliminate every possible risk out there however there are definitely ways of making the world of the internet a safe a place for our children and the criminal justice system is one solution but if we want to do more I need the help of all of you and in the next 15 minutes or so I will tell you exactly what we can do and why but first let's go back to the basics at one point a website was on the law enforcement investigation on which 1.3 million images were a fail and this is only one website from experience I can tell you many many more web sites have been online so the internet really is a great thing but it gives us lots of opportunities but it does have a downside as well because every time that offender presses that send or post button a victim is revitalized every time that picture is multiplied reer victimization occurs it's not really surprising then that oil all law enforcement agencies report massive increases in cases in the last couple of years Canada is even talking about two hundred and thirty three percent increase in the last ten years so the problem seems to be growing exponentially and of course we can partly explain this this increase in the ease with which images are multiplied and the expansion of the internet so we're not talking about absolute numbers of growth in offenders and and victims but still we're having a problem well this may sound really shocking but it's not really surprising considering that international research repeatedly portrays that 0.5 up to even 3 percent of our male population has some form of pedophilic interest I'm talking about a male population here today because that's what most research is conducted on I'm not saying that females don't have this difficulty at all it's just few is known about them but point 5 up to 3 percent consider the Netherlands we have 8 point 5 million men in total so this percentage equates with 42,500 up to 255 thousand men that's all inhabitants of a medium-sized city in the Netherlands to make it even more concrete I was taught that there's about 200 of you in the audience today while looking at you I think that's slightly more emails the mails but let's say that there's eight emails of you here today in the audience we can all do the maths now can't we statistics indicate that there will be one or two of you who are struggling with some form of pedophilic interest and what this means is that most probably there will be someone in your environment someone you know someone like your neighbor like your colleague like your football mate maybe even your husband or son who is struggling with these sort of feelings the only thing is you don't know about it and here we get to a notion that I really want to emphasize because even though these percentages are massive most of these people know that they have feelings that they should repress so most of these people don't act out on it they don't offend which is great isn't it but the problem is these people can't talk about their feelings because they know that they will be hated for it I truly do believe that every person is longing for love at some point in their life and what if this love that you really wished for will forever be impossible that must be a really lonely situation to be in it's like telling me we know that you love your boyfriend and we don't minimize it love however you cannot act out on it ever and on top of that you won't be able to talk about it with anyone so unfortunately sometimes it does go wrong sometimes people do start offending and I'm not justifying this on the contrary I work for police I'm just saying that it's a logical thing to happen so what do we do with this knowledge well I think there will be many of you telling me now you know what let's just burn all these people from society let's just lock them all up and let's just leave them somewhere far away from our chill from an emotional point of view I can kind of understand what you're saying I became an auntie last year for the first time my little nephew he just turned one absolutely crazy about the little boy and we just got back from a family holiday and we really enjoyed the Sun and the beach the weather was lovely and I simply cannot imagine the possibility that.

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