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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Navigation

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Navigation

Navigation form the purpose of a navigation form is to make the users experience more streamlined so they have one place to locate all the elements that they possibly need so we're going to create a form for that I've got my database open the demo my music collection start and I'm going to go ahead and create a new form so I'll go to create and under forms I'll go ahead and choose navigation and then pick the style that I'm interested in I'm interested in vertical tabs on the left to generate a new button we simply take the item such as say music collection form left mouse click hold down drag it to the add new area on the Left release the mouse button and it will automatically build a button that then displays the object to the right I'll go ahead and add the other form and our report as well so it does a very good job of adding what we need however I feel that this is a little wide the the caption that's used so we have the luxury of having it selected going to its property sheet on the design view on our format tab we can adjust the caption I'll go ahead and make those not quite as wide and I'll expand out the panel on the right as well if we add a button or an item that we do not want we simply right mouse click upon it and choose delete so it's very easy to edit the interface the captions add and remove items from our navigation form we can also manually add a button I made right mouse click in this region on our navigation forum and choose insert navigation button by doing so we'll have an opportunity to go in and adjust on the format tab in the property sheet the caption and then on the event tab we have an opportunity to give it an action so on click what will occur we can click the drop-down and we can choose one of our existing macros now that we have our form created we should go ahead and save it I will close it and we will now tell the database when you are opened the very first thing people should see is the navigation form to do this we have our database open we go to the file tab down to options where we are then given the opportunity to make many decisions but the current database is what I'm after we're going to put a title an application icon if we choose we simply click browse and locate the appropriate artwork and use a form and report icon we can go ahead and decide to do that so we can decide to put that into place and the display form we'll go ahead and choose our navigation form that's all I'm going to change at this time there are many other wonderful we can adjust I'll simply click okay it's telling me I must close and reopen the current database in order to see the effects will click okay I will file close and then open file open should be in my recent list and sure enough it does exactly what we had expected it to do it goes ahead and shows me all of my items that happen to be here on my navigation form making it very easy for me to now as an end-user interact with the objects that the developer has created up next exercise creating a navigation form.

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