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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Payments

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Payments

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity presents a reemployment assistance guide to requesting your benefit payments in order to collect your benefits you must request them every two weeks through kynect by clicking on the link on your home page or the link on the sidebar you cannot request your benefits until your scheduled date to do so you can find your next scheduled request benefits date on your home page when you request your weeks you'll be first asked a series of questions actually will be asked to pryour job searches for the week the number of required searches will be listed on the job contacts Log page you may also substitute a career source Florida's Center workshop visit for all the searches for that week click Add to add another work search injury beyond the first one only click Submit when you have entered all your job search information if you work during the week here requesting you will be asked for the information about that as well if your claim is on hold due to a pending issue such as your job separation make sure to request your benefits is scheduled your claim will only be reviewed timely if you're actively requesting benefits are you report that you've returned to work if you are approved for benefits all eligible requested weeks will be reprocessed and paid out accordingly you have 7 days to request your benefits from your scheduled request benefits date on your home page if you fail to do so your claim will go inactive and you will have to reopen the claim and any unclaimed weeks will be lost make sure that you keep track of your work searches for the weeks you are requesting as your work searches can only be entered when it is time to request your benefits you will need to prdetails such as the date of contact employer name contact information method of contact type of work sought and result of contact if you attend the career source Florida workshop instead you will need to prthe data visit name a career source Florida center address method of contact type of work sought and type of service received the visit can only count for the week in which you made the visit if you work during the week you're claiming be sure to answer yes when they ask you if you worked incorrectly reporting your work may result in an overpayment although you may not have received your paycheck for a week that you worked you still have to report your gross income to us if you're a paid hourly you can calculate your gross income by multiplying your hourly pay rate by hours worked make sure it include all earned income such as tips if you work you must prgross earnings the employer contact information and the reason for separation if you stopped working you can receive partial benefits if you earn less in your weekly benefit amount however you're still required to complete your work search record for that week if you have a specific return to work date enter this as a job search with a result of promised hire date the system will prompt you to enter the date you're exempt from doing work searches for weeks that are within six weeks of a return of work date it must be a specific date given by an employer a vague timeframe or uncertain date to return cannot be used if you have any further questions please visit Florida Jobs org to review helpful for only asked questions are sent us an email you may also call us at one eight hundred two zero four two four one eight thank you for watching and good luck on finding that new job.

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