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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Reform

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Reform

Oh jay-z Meek Mill and also New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for other sports owners have formed a new organization to fight criminal justice reform it is called the reform alliance Van Jones of the former White House aide to President Obama who's also been very much involved in criminal justice he is the new CEO they also have 50 million bucks to start the organizers say they're going to focus on probation and parole with the aim of getting at least 1 million people out of jail over the next five years I went to state prison in 1991 I gained my GED while I was there I did pretty well on parole I got off parole except for the one time that I went to a technical violation when that happened it took everything from me and it was just one day you go to your parole so and he's waiting for you he's waiting for you with handcuffs and there's nothing you could do about it I made a u-turn it's a traffic ticket you can't you don't even take points for that and I did in 90 days for so I imagine I said wait a minute I'm on my way now the only reason why I missed an appointment with her is because a job I just started they had me on tonight any probational period I can't miss any days I need this job and now you're telling me that you're locking me up because I missed an appointment to come see you I was never told I would be violated if I left the ability I was in the hospital for two days they had to identify me that's when I found out you know so I sit it out but let me have months about 20 seconds for me entering there I just got into the store a whole bunch of police raided parently looking for drugs the officers finally admitted to them that I had nothing day in front of my persons but then they didn't take into account if you really want to go to hell you're playing with people's livelihoods you really need to do a thorough investigation you know what that's what happens it's life right sylvie it's stopping them from working it's breaking their families up it's not actually helping them to rehabilitate themselves he had got a really good job because he had picked up a train while he was incarcerated the last time but they wouldn't they wouldn't make him do the job because where the job was it was a New Rochelle he couldn't go out the five boroughs there's like we can't win for losing when you talk about these so-called technical violations it's not technical to the kid who can never see her mom again because she showed up late for a meeting that's not technical that's devastating for that individual child it was traumatized for us because you don't know if mom's gonna be here in two weeks three weeks you couldn't told me you checking your mail or checking your apartment that they know about they evaluate you and send you back the person for that so he added on another year a supervised release and sent me back to jail for three months I even try to commit suicide how am I supposed to take care of my son how am I supposed to support us like if nobody's giving me a chance I feel scared for my cell phone I feel scared for my mom it's a journey that you don't see the light you lose hope and everything becomes about going and see somebody in jail everyone knows someone in this country whether it's a family member a close friend or now even me who has experienced incarceration post incarceration or even pretrial detention I don't want you to judge me off the way I look or the way I may talk or the way I carry myself I want you to judge me off of my actions I looked at all the things in my life that I had lost people who were very important to me one was my mother and um thank God excuse me reform means to take something that is broken and to fix it make it better not to continue to crack it like even though you know when you break a plate is not ever gonna go back together again but you can at least try parole don't even try to fix it it just wants to keep cracking and cracking it breaking it you know he started out this way he took his rocky term but he's back on smooth ground again and that's what I'm looking forward to folks let's talk about what my partner's the herbs cleans in 2022 many folks of course are focused on their health trying to get better to look better getting ready for the beach season other folks of course improving their golf game all that sort of good stuff and so they want to be able to have a healthier new year so one of the ways to do that if the herbs cleanse it's something that I actually have been honest article police ago so I have now four more days four more days and so it could certainly make a difference when it comes to losing weight also giving folks more energy as well improving their overall being and so if you want to do that this is what you can do you can join those of us who are on it by going to DRS calm and then use the promo code rollin you want support roller makan pilchard be sure to join our bring the funk fan club every dollar that you give to us supports our daily digital shuttle ones daily digital show out here that keeps it black and keep it real as.

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