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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Reload

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Reload

Hey everyone it's me hallease back with a hair update so in previous videos I talked to y'all about how I'm always trying to manage buildup on my locs and how difficult that can be now that I'm training and running pretty constantly the at the height of my half marathon training I was running five times a week I'd come in from a run but I wouldn't necessarily want to wash my hair again because I just washed it a day maybe two days ago and you know I just really wanted to make sure I wasn't over washing and potentially drying my hair out and so you know I started perusing the internet a little bit to try to find a product that I felt could you know be kind of the in-between you know when I definitely need to put something on my scalp to clarify and I was stumbled upon curly new growths video talking about dr. Locks and their pre cleanse and she showed how she used the product on one of her clients locs to break down some buildup and she showed like the before and after of just having the product sitting on their locks and I thought to myself that's awesome so I reached out to them and asked them if I could try it out for myself and that's what I've been using for the past two months pretty much to wash my hair in between washes so I'll come in from a run and my hair is you know soft and sweat honestly because I live in South Texas it's very hot here so my hair is soft and sweat and then also I usually run outside in the local parks so there's a lot of just pollen and things in the air all of that's kind of in my hair a little bit and if I scratch you can actually kind of see some of that build-up and like white sort of residue that is left on my hair and on my scalp after doing an intense workout so what I use now is dr. locks I spray this product on and I concentrated on to my scalp and I really massage it in and I do it for about five minutes or so and then I get in the shower and just rinse it out and my hair feels so soft first of all which is really great my hair feels really soft after I use it my scalp feels great like it can breathe again and it's not drying or stripping to my hair which I really appreciate it and it's also their entire line of products is all about minimizing buildup which I am a Jonah 100% of before because for me the big thing is I can't use a lot of things that are too heavy or too dense because my locs are so dense themselves checking out this product and seeing how residue free it is one and then also how easily it removes it removes the build-up from my locs after a run it's just so great and the thing that's really cool about the product too is that everything in the ingredients list I can like I know what's in here the ingredients are witch hazel rosewater sea salt apple cider vinegar jojoba oil tea tree oil eucalyptus oil and preservatives natural preservatives so it's a really cool product and I just really wanted to get on and talk to y'all and tell you all about it because it is really really really really enhanced of my regimen over the past few months now you can go off and try to bother the ingredients yourself and recreate the product yourself but at the end of the day that's going to cost you time and it's gonna cost you money honestly once you figure it out yeah there's a cost savings to it but until then you know you're filling in batches doing what dude make it work and to me I don't have the time to do that so whenever I find a product that you know is more or less very natural and I can pronounce everything that I see on the ingredients list I'm I'm there and I'm all for it so yeah I just wanted to get on and talk to you all about dr. locks and using their pre cleanse as my go-between if you're someone that's really active you work out regularly and you have locks I would highly recommend using this product in between washes you know bring it with you to the gym put it in your gym bag when you're finished working out spritz a little bit in your hair massage it in for a couple minutes then go to a good rinse and you know the gym shower or whatever and now your locks are nice and refreshed and you're not worrying about the potential build-up or mildew or any of those other issues that can come up when you're sweating and being very active regularly so I hope this helps for any of y'all that are locked out there and you know being fit and I'll see you when I see you Music.

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