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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Reload

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Reload

Hey everyone, it's me Hallease back with a hair update. In previous videos, I talked to y'all about how I'm always trying to manage buildup on my locs and how difficult that can be. Now that I'm training and running pretty constantly, at the height of my half marathon training, I was running five times a week. I'd come in from a run, but I wouldn't necessarily want to wash my hair again because I just washed it a day, maybe two days ago. You know, I just really wanted to make sure I wasn't over washing and potentially drying my hair out. So, you know, I started perusing the internet a little bit to try to find a product that I felt could be kind of the in-between. You know, when I definitely need to put something on my scalp to clarify. I stumbled upon Curly New Growth's video talking about Dr. Locks and their pre-cleanse. She showed how she used the product on one of her clients' locs to break down some buildup, and she showed the before and after of just having the product sitting on their locks. And I thought to myself, that's awesome. So I reached out to them and asked them if I could try it out for myself. That's what I've been using for the past two months, pretty much to wash my hair in between washes. So, I'll come in from a run and my hair is soft and sweaty, honestly, because I live in South Texas. It's very hot here, so my hair is soft and sweaty. And also, I usually run outside in the local parks, so there's a lot of pollen and things in the air. All of that's kind of in my hair a little bit, and if I scratch,...