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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Spouse

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Spouse

Hi I'm Chelsea and I run the love my Britt blog and today I'm going to be going over the spouse visa when I go into depth in the nitty-gritty details about what to apply with and why I've chosen specific documents as well as showing you what I put into my own application as well the spouse visa is for married or civil partners you have three things that you really want to prove in this on top of all the other little details but the biggest things with this visa is one proving that your sponsor can meet the financial minimum requirement this requirement currently stands at eighteen thousand six hundred pounds but it can change at any time this has to be met by your sponsors income loan you cannot combine your income and his income to meet this requirement to having suitable accommodation showing that you don't live in a overcrowded home three that you have a genuine relationship they want to make sure this just isn't a marriage of convenience they want to know this is real also if you are applying for the spouse visa be aware that you can only apply from outside of the country you can prepare it together in person in one country or the other but you cannot submit this application from within the UK things that are really good to have available to you when you are making your online application is first off having your spouse or civil partner nearby you whether it's in person or on the phone or through Skype so they can help answer questions along the way because there will be information that's asked of them that you might not entirely know yourself having your passport is another really good one to have for travel history and for your passport information like the expiration date the passport number one it was issued out to you and where and then finally for me I know it really helped having my purse we could get available I know my parents birth dates but the years I'm kinda iffy on so I really wanted to make sure I had it right and that information is on my birth certificate so why not have it so you're going to want to go on to the visa for UK website make an account which will enable you to be able to log in and out save your progress at any point in time your application won't be considered submitted until you have actually paid for your application paying for your application also reserves the biometric appointment that you've selected otherwise that will expire within three hours and you'll have to reselect that all over again it's kind of like a first-come first-served basis so purchasing this application submits and reserves aka locks down your choice of the biometrics appointment also make sure that if you did make a mistake on your online application that if it's not really a significant one like it's just a typo or something a little embarrassing you can correct this by printing off your application and making a manual correction to the application itself so you cross out what you didn't want to have and manually put in what you were originally intending and then after making all of your corrections you type up a cover letter which details the corrections and why they were made it's really simple nothing to sweat at all so really big questions that I find a lot of people asking about online are how long do you intend to stay in the UK while our intentions are to be there permanently or indefinitely it's more preferable to the entry clearance officer to read that you are putting down the length of the visa so you can write 33 months two and a half years length in the visa I did both I wrote 33 months length of visa I just wanted to put it out there and make sure that it was just what it was to my knowledge I originally put thirty months and I made a manual correction to 33 months and provided a cover letter for that another really big question is have you been refused and have you been deported from any other country this is any country not just the UK as well so if you do have immigration history like that you do want to report it now this doesn't necessarily Happel this doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to call every single country you've been deported from or it might have had bad history with and asked them about it but they certainly could if they wanted to so it's really good to put out this information and a lot of times is for most people not really a significant issue so it's just something to put down be honest um criminal offenses generally if you've been to court to deal for criminal offence it should be reported on your application minor things like a speeding ticket I didn't bother reporting in my online application and if you are exempt from the English language so primarily you're exempt from English language when you were born in a english-speaking country so for me I recorded that I was born in a primarily english-speaking country and that my passport proved it which therefore made me exempt from the English language requirement other information is the one of the last boxes that you have in there I use that area to further discuss my travels I live in a town that is very very close to Canada and I've got family just across the border so I make frequent trips all throughout my life to Canada and we don't have to have stamps in our passport for that kind of a travel but at the same time I didn't know what was going to looked at be looked at harshly and.

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