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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Toggle

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Toggle

Hello this is Kevin King with painters websites and today I'm going to show you how you can quickly use your keyboard to turn your wireless back on if it happened to get turned off somehow usually there's a switch on your computer and sometimes that can wear out to turn your Wi-Fi on and off and sometimes people inadvertently turn their Wi-Fi on and off and by using their think they're using the control button to cut and paste or to cut and copy and what you want to do is what they're actually doing is hitting this FN button so what you have to do is people see the icons for their Wireless and things like that up top here and they just hit the button a lot of times but what you have to do is if it's in a different color and this color may be blue as it is in this case or may be yellow or red you have to hit the FN button in order to activate that so you just hit the FN button and hold it down and at the same time this on this particular keyboard f3 is the wireless the little blue icon right here but sometimes it'll be on a different key and to activate these you just hold this down and hold this down and that goes the same for volume on this computer this is increased the volume and this decrease the ball volume you just hold down the FN button and then you hold this up and your volume will go up and hold this down your volume will go down also this is for your brightness of your screen so if your screen is a little dark you just hold a pen button down and hold this one down and that will increase and this will decrease the brightness of your screen what often happens with people is to accidentally hit the FN and the num lock and what this does is it activates the keyboard that's in the middle of your screen right here so you're tapping you and I I know and you're getting four five and six and the way to toggle that off is just hit the FN button and hit the num lock same thing with the scroll lock over here and home so those are just a few of the ways that you can use the FN button hopefully this will fix your wireless very quickly and if you have a broken button you just through and fix your wireless you can put your computer sleep mode and other things like that as well with the FN button but thanks for tuning in if you have a question the technical question on your computer you need an answer to maybe I can do a video on it just leave a comment in this video and I will see if I have to know the answer I'll try to do a video for you to explain it again thanks for tuning in to pinehurst websites and if you click the link in the description of this video it'll take you to pinehurst website and you can see other tutorials thanks again for tuning in.

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