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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Topic

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Topic

Hello my name is Aileen hello my name is Susanna very nice to meet you and you're doing so one yes okay and is that all your stuff for me no that's great and your ID thank you very much so um we're going to start with your topic discussion and then we'll move on to discuss a different subject area okay so what area are you going to discuss my topic is ITR communications I see okay right well you have five minutes for that topic discussion and there's a clock here to help you okay okay I'm going to talk about Facebook a Facebook is enough social networking service it launched a 2022 Facebook has over 1 billion active users and most of more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device all right and do you use Facebook yes I use Facebook every day do you yes right okay when did you start using it I started to using kit about three years ago okay do you use Facebook yes I do but not as often as you I don't know okay if you want to use Facebook you have you must register before and then you can create a personal profile right and then you can add other users as a front right so um do you have your own personality on Facebook or a different one yes I I have my own personality my original name that's one name right okay and are there any dangers involved I think there are not a dangerous I my personal things my personal information only see my friends I don't add by other users if I don't know right okay okay so what what are the advantages of using Facebook I think most one of the biggest advantage is using Facebook is completely free and when I was a England III don't use Facebook sorry I don't use my mobile phone to communicate with my family or my friends i I communicate with my family here with a on Facebook I see on your mobile mobile when I go was out I use Facebook on a mobile one when I am i when I was a at home I use Facebook comput on my computer rights okay and have you ever used Twitter yes I used to it it also deals with beauty sometimes I use Twitter more than I use Facebook yeah okay and so what what's the difference for you I think a Facebook is a more popular than Twitter I think using Facebook is easier than Twitter why do you think that I I think if you first time use Twitter maybe you can i you can understand a what will you do you I think Facebook is different everything is a clear so other things you can do on Facebook that you can't do on Twitter yes you only use Twitter for at the photograph and check in and write something that you can play games Facebook and I think you can do with your call colleague on Facebook okay oh man it says some people think that Facebook is not a good thing yes there are many disadvantages on using Facebook because a Facebook you waste a time on Facebook it's okay an average person I spent about 55 minutes and I'm often do you usually use it I use Facebook minimum two hours a day really Turner's yes have you used dice book today yes I used just and I you lease when I go to offer rights okay so thank you very much for talking about Facebook interactive topic presentation great awarded be zg r achieves a generally clear and reasonably comprehensive outcome to all components of the task although there were some inaccuracies with past tenses he gave a generally effective performance using Lexus appropriate to the topic of social networking Facebook he asked the examiner several questions but the flow was affected by some hesitancy and difficulty with pronunciation there was good coverage of the language of the level but this was not maintained throughout.

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