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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Unemployment

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Unemployment

Dua has put together this video to help you file your initial request for unemployment benefits using ui online we know that losing your job or having your hours cut back and be very stressful that's why we hope to make the process of applying for unemployment benefits easier and faster for you now I will take you through how to enter your unemployment information into the ui online system but first let's see how ui online organizes information the system is divided into five sections to make it easier for you to enter your information the progress bar will indicate where you are in the application the circle will indicate the section you are on now there will be a progress bar at the top of every ui online page before you begin your application you will need the following information your social security number and birth date if you are not a US citizen your alien registration number your mailing address your phone number your email address you will also need your employment history for the last 15 months including the business name business address reason or reasons you are no longer working for the employer start and end dates for all employment if you have had multiple employers you must prthis information for each of them you should also have the following information ready if it applies to you Social Security numbers and birth dates for dependents union name dd-214 for military personnel sf8 for former federal employees there are two payment methods for receiving your unemployment benefits direct deposit and debit card through direct deposit your weekly benefits will be automatically deposited into your checking or savings account if you choose direct deposit you will need to enter your bank account information and your bank routing number during the application process so be sure to have them ready if you do not sign up for direct deposit you will be mailed a debit card which you can use to access your benefits no bank account is required once you have pulled they're all of your required information and access UI online through the mass.gov website enter your social security number twice on the sign-in screen and then hit next now let's begin entering your unemployment claim with section 1 as shown in the progress bar this screen gives you some information on getting started just a reminder you must always use the previous or next buttons as you move through the site do not use your back button because it will take you out of the site and you will need to log in again in ui online anytime you see some information in the blue underlined it is a hyperlink you can click on it for additional information the links listed on this page will give you some answers to questions you may have on unemployment the first screen is the data privacy authorization screen you cannot continue your claim unless you agreed with this authorization on the next screen you will find important information about your claim the effective date for a claim there's always the Sunday of the week you are filing if you didn't work during the week you are filing enter and hours worked if you had reduced hours entered those hours you cannot ask for unemployment benefits if you work your normal hours in the week you are filing enter the amount of hours in your normal work week this page ask questions about your employment where you worked as important in the processing of your unemployment claim please make sure that you select the correct employment location answer all questions that are marked with the red asterisk we are almost finished in the initial question section by entering your personal information next social security number birth date gender name the ui online system can validate your information during this process you will be asked to create a password for your ui online account and a security question when choosing your security question click on the down arrow in that box to have the system display the choices you missed pick one from the list please make sure that you keep your password and security question in a safe place because you will need it for other unemployment activities and to access the ui online system again once your claim is submitted you will also be assigned a claimant ID which you should also keep in a secure and handy place we are now moving the section to general information here you will be asked to enter your mailing address your phone numbers we can call you if you have any questions your correspondence preference select electronic which is email or US mail providing your email address allows us to contact you faster if you would like to receive correspondence in a language other than English you must choose the US mail option enter the job title of your most current employment and click on the search button you will be presented with a list of occupations which match the title you enter select one also indicate how many years you have been doing this type of work unemployment is considered taxable income ui online asks you to select the withholding you want for your unemployment payments there are two methods of payment if you are approved for benefits in one debit card or two direct deposit this page asks you to select your payment method if you choose direct deposit please have your bank account number and routing code now we come to your employment history page your previous employer should be listed here click on update and a new page will be displayed complete the information requested if your previous employer is not listed select employment type and click add a new page will be displayed where you can search for your previous employer by name tax ID or location depending on your reason for.

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