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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Unlimited

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Unlimited

Hello and welcome to gadget guide USA thanks for watching my TL 100 bluetooth-enabled smartlock door install video essentially today I'm going to show you how to install the TL 100 but really this installation guide would really work for any regular door handle almost any Bluetooth smart handle or anything like that most of the installs are very simple it comes with a standard door opening which we're going to go over during the install video so the TL 100 s really isn't it easy to install installs just like a normal door handle with the exception of a single power wire and of course some of these grommets you can see I have this sample board here so it's gonna be quite a bit easier for me to install than it is for you at home because you literally have to move the door back and forth you can't situate it and look down and you know move it but of course at the same time you'll get the idea there's nothing special about this chunk of door it's literally something I saw a piece of trash shows gonna get thrown away or sold cheaply and I just cut a section out of the pre-made door you can see your cover it with tape so it doesn't get dust everywhere but it is a really standard install I'm we're gonna go into that and let's go ahead and get started okay so we're at the installation steps here and we have a step one marking the door which is pretty simple I'm not actually going to drill a hole you're going to want to take a select side remember this is made for the side only this side folded along that line and then it's going to allow you to give a template to drill directly here now you can choose your back set or whatever actually if you look at this one you can clearly see that it is the two and three quarters back set and there you go so you can see that perfectly lines up it would work perfectly essentially you're going to tape that to the door you're going to drill your holes then you're gonna have to go back here and get that aligned so that's not a lot of fun I suggest you buy a premade door I have done it before but if you make this off a little bit or if you don't get the distance on that right this doesn't line up right so I'm suggesting you bribe a premade door if you're watching this video you definitely need to buy a premade door and not be drilling holes yourself but if you have any questions you can always email me at gadget guide USA at gmail.com I'll do everything I can to help all right so step one step by step and it tells you to drill the holes I mean these are solid instructions step three is installing the latch I am and you choosing this as my latch and we're going to go ahead and install it just remember that this direction does matter so if your direction if your door is opening this way and closing this way you're gonna want to flip that around that way you always want this towards the close side of the door and that's so when you close the door the strike plate can go ahead and push that closed if you install this the wrong way every time you try to close the door that'll smash against your strike plate and it won't close naturally if that's what you want then go ahead but other than what direction the door is the strike plate isn't too important so we're gonna go ahead and drop these screws should be noted that power tools are not recommended to do this simply because if you look closely here I'm not sure if you can see that on camera I'm trying to focus here you can actually see a little bit of stripping it's because when I was installing in a home I got a little lazy and use the power drill I mean it does work fine but if you strip them too much it's gonna make your you know the taking it off a little bit harder just in case so I do recommend use of a hand screwdriver even though secretly if I wasn't doing this on camera I would definitely be using my power drill and ignoring my own advice but still don't use a power drill you'll strip it out especially if you're watching this video so we have that we installing the strike which is this so we're gonna go ahead and not install that since I don't have the opposite side of a door but you get the idea you basically want to install the strike you know so it lines up perfectly and then it closes them there and holds the door it takes a little bit of experience there but at the same time hopefully you're installing this on a pre-existing door and you either reuse the strike there or you just install this strike exactly where the old strike was either way we're gonna go get it ahead and get rid of that alright so the next step step five is installing the pegs that's a really easy step we're just going to go ahead and flip the side over and then we're gonna screw all the pegs in by hand and then when we're done we're going to give them a good as tight and as tight as you can go by your fingers and the reason is is because later on you're actually going to be screwing these long screws into the and if you twist the screws to the left maybe you have to redo it or something it'll untie these posts not that big of a.

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