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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Valid

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Valid

I want you to dip back today for my battle of the jeans feel so I was so I told you guys a few months back that I was gonna come back with a video special to you to talk about three things pattern that I've been using to create my jeans collection so our jeans every day like for work I watchings most days and I also wear lots of chains to simply go out school grocery shopping so when I did this when I took the decision to stop buying clothes and wear I mean only it was clear in my head that I was gonna have to make my own jeans because my machines type of girl so today I'll be sharing about the three jeans battery that I've been using lately and those three patterns are vvg a two to two so you've seen a couple of versions of these jeans on my channel before I've been sharing them in my mom's EUL seasonal makes vo so you've seen a couple of version of these and they're gonna be showing today I'm not sure I shared with you before so I'll be showing you one of my versions the next pattern that will teach is saying is butter weeks 56 82 which is a pattern that has been sitting in my stash for quite a while I probably add this one before the other two I'll be talking about in the video but I never I bought it but never really talked about making me these and I want to say that I'm quite happy that I gave those jeans a try and the last one is the ginger jeans pattern I don't have the physical pattern I have it in PDF so I'll be inserting an image right here of what it looks like but I'm pretty sure that you guys pretty much know about the ginger jeans by closed at case pattern which is a Canadian module pattern company so she sells worthwhile there she's well known in this one community so I'm pretty sure you've heard about those jeans before okay so to stay focused in my comparison I'll be chef talking about all three jeans thomas lee and i'm just gonna start by giving you a visual of what the jeans look like so the first one the mini g a two two two aren't slim fit jeans they made for stretch then and of course and they're really really slim I mean it's kind of a jegging type of fit it's really really fitted from top to bottom it has coin pockets pockets back pockets these are pretty much what I consider being a waisted jeans and I really really love it I'm more of a I waisted jeans type of real because low-rise don't work with my shape I'm not extremely curvy but I do have a bomb and low-rise jeans don't work for me so and you'll see that later in the video because I made the ginger jeans in the low-rise I wanted to try just to see and it's not something that I'll be doing again so I love love love the BG jeans you'll see in the video very fitted very form-fitting and truly comfortable to wear when you use the right fabric to make those so in the clip you'll see me wearing my denim stretch denim me G jeans I have an older version here that I can't really wear I wear these when my stomach is really flat here when I'm not bloated because these are extremely tight these have made out of a stretch twill but the amount of stretch was not enough for these jeans or they're not comfortable I can only wear them certain days when I really really like my stomach is really flat and that's the only way I can wear these otherwise they'll cut into my stomach and I can't read I can't eat but the all my best of jeans so far I mean the stitching well I can say that because the buttery jeans are now are really really well made so these were my first successful flight from on the momiji pattern because I kept following the instructions from the so long and for some reason I cannot have it like completely covered so on these jeans I use a Birkin flare from base and gather tutorial on their blog to create the flag front and as you can see these are this is perfect perfect flat front I love these opportunity the distress in the fabric is not enough so they're not comfortable but these are really really well made so up next I have there I have Butterick 56 82 these are well made but the fabric has so much stretch that I had a hard time top stitching my fabric so I have some pooling in some places where the waistband is not like the best best best square here but otherwise these are really really nice I mean the fly frock is perfect it's well covered and I followed the instructions from I followed the instruction from the Barwick pattern and the instructions are perfect no confusion at all and came out really really well these do not have coin pockets which is I think an element that really makes jeans look like jeans so that's the only missing feature on those jeans I mean the cone pockets really give it like that jeans feel but otherwise they are really really cute this nice top stitching last version last jeans pattern is ginger the ginger jeans so I love the fit of the jeans except for the part where the waist does not really sit at my waist because of my bomb so I'm pretty sure that I'll be making those again but using the I wasted version and also I'll be using if denim that has more stretch.

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