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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Void

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Void

Hey what's up guys I'm buddy here and today I'm back on the 7.3 PPR because I've done goofed yesterday and some of you guys noticed and he told me and thanks for telling me because I wouldn't have had any idea apparently I was using a glyph that makes my shadow form look like the old shadow form instead of the new shadow form because apparently we have a new shadow form and also a new void form and also I'm going to show you my mount having a seizure all in one video how amazing is that so let's get straight to the point this is our new shadow form in 7.3 BAM right there what do you guys think I mean it's definitely up to personal preference I like the black flames and all that but for me it my favorite shadow form was the one in you know up until Legion I think the pitch black transparent shadow form that was the shadow form for me but again I guess it's subjective so some people might like this one some people might not like it I'm not a huge fan of it but that's just me and I'm going to show you our new void form as well to go with this if you remember the old one looked like like this but now with without the glyphs like if you're not using any glyphs it actually does change your void form as well and it changes one more thing and I'm going to show you that right now are you know shadow form is supposed to go darker and darker the more insanity you have well it doesn't because it's PTR and its bugged and you're going to see that whenever I hit 25 50 and 75 insanity it goes darker for just a second and you also hear this effect or something like that so it happened once at 25 and I'm going to expand some mind-slaves and check it out when it gets to 50 and 75 that's one and again see what I mean but then it goes back to the normal state so it doesn't go any any darker than this and I think it should so let me show you the new void for now but at it it's very blue so if you compare this one to the other one that's with the glyph that's a really really big difference and also the tentacles look different as well that's actually that actually looks pretty nice I like the new tentacles a bit more but again it's all about personal preference so let me show you the mount we had the mount okay apparently if you go in voidform and you mount off your mouth doesn't like that too much let me show you what I mean Music.

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