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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 8815 Wages

Instructions and Help about When Form 8815 Wages

You there are many things to be feared in life but perhaps there is none is terrifying to Americans as these real letters hi are s hello and welcome I'm Marc Lucas the intent of this documentary is to share with you the site of the IRS and the income tax that millions of people have learned about in the recent years business owners all over the country are played with a fear that they may have to go through an expensive and time-consuming audit or that a mistake may show up and they could lose thousands of dollars or even be put out of business the information is closed on this date shall provide documentation and means to dispel the myth that planted that fear in the minds of business owners and the working people in general most businesses rely on CPAs tax attorneys and others tax professionals to handle their payroll and do the day-to-day accounting that was certainly what I did when I have my own business however one day I had the privilege of hearing a very qualified public accountant speak on the subject of withholding and what I heard him and others say and the evidence that I witnessed changed my life I closed my business and for 11 months I worked at putting that information together into this documentary so you can hear and see for yourself I'm trained without a helmet for additional documentation I have a silent touch after the symposium I'm process thousands if not millions of paychecks for people Judith lean deducting taxes from them had a good time destroying other people's rights I found out the words of the Secretary of Treasury published as required everything that applies to us and in that words it says that it in effect and I'm thoroughbred you now which you are an American citizen and you work for an American company then we live in the United States the remuneration is not taxable I was very impressed with mr. Botha accounting knowledge and he was also the owner of a large firm and this conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington DC I thought if anyone should know about taxation he should I'm not reviewing little forward very people in this room who study would have discovered it ten to fifteen years ago all right I went back to everybody that has been involved in the pilot I'm not talking about anything boo I discovered it on the rim I was reading an article that talked about hired employee could do this how the employee could refute the employer and I said operating bread one night my gosh is an employee in review amber why cancel employers simply to right in the first place the next gift speaker at the conference or the prominent business owner and what he had to say floored me as he put something in front of me I never before thought possible and I was struggling with these concepts gross income source of income items of income and so on top of several CPAs attorneys I did research on the internet I read law books made copies of the laws Mel Brooks now the research off the internet I made copies of that provided it for the employees that put this information in the breakroom and for three months they were indoctrinated with the law serve on January 4th I believe which was the first work day of the year we did stop with solving from 45 employees many other wonderful gift folk at the conference but although mr. Bob Schultz the organizer of the event had invited speakers from the IRS Congress and even the White House nobody had the courage to show up and face the public and the media with some kind of explanation furthermore I thought that media would have special breaking news stories about how Americans can keep their income tax money and all those wonderful news would make front page in every newspaper in the country when that did not happen the first big question mark was planted in my mind then on Fox TV Channel four News I saw an interview with an IRS spokesman and when he said the words code and taxpayer there is no provision in the code that allows people not to pay or withhold with income tax and taxpayer has never won on that case when he said this code and taxpayer I knew I had my second and third question to start an investigation question one why didn't media in the press break the news about the income tax non liability to the American people surely keeping that third of the money they've been handing over every month would mean substantially more than the generous $600 per head that Congress took months to approve and media did cover that very thoroughly mind you question - can the IRS Code allow or not allow people to do anything and if it does have that power since I'm supposed to know the law can I be held accountable for not understanding the 7,000 page IRS Publication and question 3 does taxpayer mean any American after being ridiculed by a couple of accountants and almost kicked out of an attorney's office I decided to interview some people that had experience with court cases on issues of Taxation and here's what they have to say when you look at the amount of money that you're contributing to the system doesn't it make sense that you go back and look at the book the term taxable income means gross income - the deductions allowed by this chapter other than the standard deduction so the have taxable 1john we have to have gross income and then we go to the term gross income and it defines items of gross income that may be taxable but it never says throughout the entitled entire subtitle who's actually liable.

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