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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Advisors

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Advisors

Welcome to the advice show media of the common sense approach so a young man by the name of Kevin Bruce he was going to get some information from his advisor and he ran into another advisor and he explained to her that he just wanted to wait just to ask some questions and she had a really a nasty attitude with him he caught it on teeth we're real quick this is tell me like that I'm not harassing no one you are I'm mad - call security you give to a lot the form just like everybody else does okay I mean I'm just waiting to talk to song I'm not harassing no end up sitting here until somebody's available its harassing them yes it is would you like for me to call campus security over this 25 second video of a Kennesaw State University adviser telling a student she was going to call campus security because he refused to leave and wanted to wait to talk to someone has gone viral one day after the incident KSU rising senior kevin bruce says all he wanted to do wednesday was talk to his exercise science department at my assistant was going back and forth like trying to see if she was available at the time but she was on the phone so I said I'll just wait so she's done and so after I said I'll wait so she's done she was like okay we'll just leave the phone here and come back in an hour and I said I'll just wait I have nothing else to do so I'll just wait and so after that she went to go get she's like okay I'll go get miss Abby Dawson and I said oh my god so I was like okay let me just go ahead and like get this recorded just in case so I could show that on the upper staff bruce says Abby Dawson the woman you see in this video is actually one of his other advisers whom he says he's had dealings with in the past in fact he says that's why he decided to roll every Dawson has it have attitude that's why I knew like exactly when a recorder so what happened after Abby Dawson told him she was going to call campus security I waited for a second to see if she was going to call security you know cause like she has no reason to call security so I mean I wanted to explain in security what actually happened so I waited for a second and then that's when I waited and then I was like okay she's not going to call security how do you think that should have been handled if you were like yeah I feel like because I know you have to set up a meeting but when you have a couple of questions I feel like is I feel like that could have took two minutes out of the time to speak to me because I mean as a student I'm paying tuition at Kennesaw State University there's really no excuse for that now KSU today did release a statement to to us in part reading quote Kennesaw State University officials are working with a student to review his concerns regarding the behavior of an academic advisor in the WellStar College of Health and Human Services now as you saw in the video this man just wanted to ask some simple questions he's right he's paying tuition he has a right to ask questions he wasn't asking for a full fledged 30-minute meeting or an hour or whatever about his you know academics just a couple of questions said that the woman that he wanted to talk to was on the phone he said he had nothing to do here we even if he would have filled out that form and came back in one hour he said he have nothing else better to do with itself he said there wait it's time play on his phone talk on Facebook whatever he want to do to pass the time now this woman is the epitome of a nasty attitude completely nasty attitude and you know to some of you brothers who feel that only black women got nasty attitudes well that video which you just saw is proof what I told you before anyone could have nasty attitude nomadland by know race that woman act like she's miserable site looked like she probably mad with the world you hate a job maybe she can barely ship she ain't got no man whatever but she got nasty attitude and you know actually guy was nice to her but some people told off the way she was talking to him there's no reason for that he raised his voice he didn't disrespect her anything he just said listen I'll just wait and to see somebody it's nothing wrong with that and it was dangerous about what she was doing I'm saying that's harassment imagine she called the wrong cop over them and said he's harassing me and he just coming up trying to you know have an attitude I want to point guns and everything else because you know how it is for black men any time we called on we automatically guilty and to proven innocent I mean that could have really ended in a bad way if it had been the wrong kind of security she would have called so this situation I mean just can't win for losing on some time you just can't you want to do the right thing look you saw how he was dressed he I don't know certain tie he wasn't had his hat turned backwards he didn't have dreadlocks he wasn't a quote/unquote thug he was in school he had his pants pulled up and everything she still met that kind of nasty attitude so please.

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