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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Amounts

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Amounts

This is my memory palace by putting images inside the space I can memorise huge quantities of information ten decks of shuffled playing cards lists of hundreds of random words entire poems and the first hundred digits of pi I'm going to show you how the memory palace works so that you can memorise the first hundred digits of pi so you can't just memorize a hundred digits of a random number most of us are just not going to be able to do that the technique that I use is called the major system so using this code you can convert any number into a word and then into an image that you can visualize in your memory palace 41 4 is an r1 is a TRD could be RT R at five to seven to look no no Lincoln eight to zero two seven one zero zero one four to seven eight two three nine four zero seven two three to zero three one to seven so we're gonna do with PI is break this number up into three-digit chunks and come up with a unique image for each chunk one for one the road of could be a druid five nine to LA but no olivian like somebody from Libya maybe it's moammar qaddafi six five three sure look ma could be somebody shouting Shalom so basically these 33 images are the first hundred digits of pi now let's go to my memory palace so now I picture myself standing outside the memory palace and there's the druid chillin on the front lawn then I walk through the door into the house into a living room and there's Qaddafi sitting on the yellow sofa right next to him a little midget shouting Shalom we turned the corner...