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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Applies

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Applies

Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Applause Music Music Music throngs of Ford workers once assembled cars like the Model T much of the work done by hand by muscle power competitive pressures prompted industrial companies of all kinds to seek more efficient less labor-intensive and cheaper ways to make products bad news for millions of workers like Holly Stover who once held jobs in industrial companies she was laid off after years at work for steel firms I hope to end up working a good decent job making a decent living with help from an employment counselor Stover is exploring new kinds of work worrying about health care costs and considering school to update skills at Georgetown University workforce expert says more industrial robots mean fewer humans high-paying jobs on production lines the principal job eater since the early 1980s when this began with a vengeance after a very difficult decade in the 1970s in manufacturing is technology probably 75% of the job losses technology-based just to say robots machines in general our substituting for people but a top labor department official says the changing economy brings new opportunities for workers if they have relevant skills many employers complain they can't find enough people who can do things like run advanced machine tools or program computers we've also in this country had a remarkable transition to a service economy and really wonderful high-paying jobs in IT for instance says our industries that didn't exist 20 or 30 years ago meantime the head of the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance says employers are trying to close the skills gap by seeking apprentices for high-paying jobs like electricians plumbers carpenters millwrights and pipe Music I'm Naomi Kyle here with IGN news Domino's Pizza hasn't failed what they're calling the world's first commercial autonomous and delivery vehicle to deliver pizza in Australia Domino's a robotic unit or D ru was developed in collaboration with marathon robotics known for making targets for live-fire army training the dr you can reach speeds of roughly 12 and a half miles an hour overcoming obstacles in its path and even navigate fences and driveways although customers will have to collect their delivery from the curb for now the dr u also makes conversation during deliveries and includes cameras to catch any potential pizza Snatchers in the act according to the CEO of Domino's the dr u is completely safe he said one of our inspirations for dr u is safety it seems pretty crazy to us that we would use a one and a half ton vehicle to deliver a few hundred grams of pizza but australians pizza will continue to be delivered by humans for the time being the dr hugh isn't allowed on highways and can currently only deliver an average sized pizza for all of your pizza robot news stay tuned to IGN Music Music you Music you Music Music forgot listen I'm Brian Hanley back in the fourth century BC Aristotle predicted that human labor would no longer be needed once machines became sufficiently advanced and as it turns out our st del hit them now on the head in 1960 President Kennedy expressed concern about the future of automation what happened man when machine peghead play meant just last year President Obama told Congress that robots could replace up to 50% of all American jobs in the next 14 years alone 50% of all jobs whether you're talking about factory workers or truck drivers marketers or accountants people of virtually every education level or struggling to compete with the complex machines that can out do our jobs for less money and in less time than we ever could Amazon's the perfect example of where things are headed behinds Amazon's convenience and quick deliveries is a fleet of robots working side-by-side and planners Amazon's busy expanding its fleet of robots too when replacing more of its factory workers in coming years robots combined with Amazon's much-anticipated drone delivery and the prospect of autonomous cars could very well enable Amazon to operate entirely by machines these labor saving technologies are exacerbating inequality by putting more middle-class people out of work while simultaneously making the wealthiest people among us like the executives over at Amazon even wealthier it's quite possible that someday soon Amazon won't even need to employ a single factory worker which is great for Amazon but absolutely horrendous for its employees the fact is when more can be done by just a few people in the machines it makes the rest of us pretty much useless that's precisely why alone musk is calling for a universal basic income to counteract the inevitable disruption caused by automation basic income is the idea that all citizens receive a regular sum of money in order to meet their basic needs while such an idea is commonly associated with market socialism it's also fully compatible with capitalist systems provided that the universal basic income is financed through taxation musk says I think we'll end up doing universal basic income it's going to be necessary there will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better the idea is once human labor becomes unnecessary so to our current economic system for more stories like this keep it locked right here on youtube or if there's a robot you prefer to get your news from networks to hustle i'm brian Hamlin innovations in our DNA and delivering the best truck on the road today is something we're committed to always doing into the future Music Music loitering up just got a modern-day twist Ross is the world's newest super intelligent attorney super artificially intelligent attorney that is that's right you can now be represented by a robot lawyer kind of Baker Hostetler one of the biggest law firms in the United States says it's hired a robot named Ross now Ross won't be cross-examining witnesses anytime soon instead the AI attorney will act.

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