Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Calculator

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Calculator

Hi welcome to the savings bonds com bond calculator I'm Jackie brainy your marketing director at savings bonds com be number one site for savings bond consumer information savings bonds calm has valued over 1 billion dollars worth of savings bonds for hundreds of thousands of savings bond owners just like you we are experts in the savings bond industry and we'd like to think of ourselves as your friendly source for savings bond values and information we're glad that you've decided to invest in America and purchase savings bonds and I bet you're wondering what those savings bonds are worth the good news is depending on when you purchase those savings bonds they could be worth even more than the amount that's printed on the front of the bond and here is even more good news there's absolutely no charge to enter your bonds into the savings bonds com bond calculator to obtain your values okay now you know that it's free to obtain the values for your US savings bonds plus you'll get more financial information about those bonds that will make you a savings bond genius in no time here's how the bond calculator works just enter the face value the series e double e I or savings notes and the month of your issue found on the front of your savings bond once you have entered all your savings bonds now you just have to save the information just enter the security and contact information requested on the screen now click the save and display button and voila you've just created your own color-coded personalized savings bond inventory report remember it's free to create your own savings bond inventory report no credit card is needed your savings bond inventory report includes an easy-to-understand explanation of what your bonds are worth and other important financial information to help you make some really smart decisions about your bonds whether you plan on holding them for cashing them in will give you the strategies and tips to help you maximize your investment this is probably the quickest and easiest financial management tool you'll ever use to value organize and protect your savings bonds remember savings bonds calm for everything savings bonds and don't forget to check out our website for other information along with our cool online videos that will help you understand your savings bond you.

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